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Birthday Dress 2017!

OK, so I turned thirty *mumbles second number* four weeks ago, but I never got around to getting photos of my birthday dress!  Vogue 8904:

Vogue 8904
Gah.  So bright.  But yay, sun!

It’s a little different from what I’ve gravitated toward in the past, but I’m way more practical in general with my sewing these days, since my time is more limited.  Definitely substance over frills over here now.

Here’s a little review of past birthday frocks (sans the last two years:  I was pregnant and useless in 2015 and had a baby that wasn’t sleeping through the night in 2016):

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February Plans: Part Two

I shared my selfish sewing plans for the UFO retreat I’m attending, and now here are my unselfish sewing plans (minus a few which are surprises).

Speaking of UFOs:  today’s the last day to vote in the PR UFO contest.  I would be over the moon if you’d consider voting for my Christmas Quilt!

UFO Contest 2017

And now for the rest of my sewing plans…first up, what I plan to make for my sweet boy:  CHEEKS!  He’s good clothing-wise for the rest of winter and Wisconsin spring (which is all of like 3 weeks long), but needs some more stuff for Summer.

Here are my planned makes!  Links to fabric included, if they are still available.

Brindille & Twig 023: Cuff Shorts



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February Plans: Part One

Thanks for your kind words on my quilt!  :D  I am so happy to have it done and really appreciate it.  Would also be so appreciative for your vote at PR for the contest!

UFO Contest 2017

And yeah, you read that post title right.  I have so many sewing plans for February that they need to be split into TWO MOFOING BLOG POSTS.  Now that’s a spicy meatball!

Why so many sewing plans?  I get to attend a UFO retreat with my sister in law J (thanks for watching the pumpkin, sweet Mr. 5!) next week!  J manages a quilt shop in central Wisconsin and they’re hosting an awesome retreat for folks to finish up their unfinished pretties!  And I got invited!  Squee!

That said, I currently have no unfinished pretties (Huzzah!).  Since finishing my quilt, I have been cutting patterns and fabric in preparation for an ENTIRE LONG WEEKEND of sewing.  To say I’m stoked is an understatement.

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The Christmas Quilt

So, it may be February, but I’m so proud to say that I indeed have finished my long languishing Christmas Quilt!

The Christmas Quilt

It took me four years, two months and two weeks to complete.  You can see its beginnings here and here, and my updates from the last month here and here. Read the rest of this entry

UFO Quilt Update #2

Lord almighty, it’s been quite the couple of weeks.  I’m really glad I went hard and heavy working on the Christmas quilt earlier this month, because without my nose to the grindstone there would have been no hope of finishing by the UFO contest’s February 4th deadline.

Here’s what it looked like last time I updated.

UFO Christmas Quilt progress as of January 16

And here’s the backing I chose!  I loved the poinsettia option, but it was just too pricey for my cheap ass.


Essentials Cosmos in Dark Red

So, what’s happened with the quilt, and life, in the last two weeks?  If you have a weak stomach, proceed with caution.  You have been warned.

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