One for Mama, Two for Baby Girl

Heeey guys!  Today I’m sharing a versatile make for myself, and a sweet little set for the wee lass that we’re still waiting to meet.  Let’s start with my look!


This is Deer & Doe’s Aubepine, or as I discovered via Google Translator means Hawthorn in English.  Also very important: IT HAS POCKETS! Continue reading “One for Mama, Two for Baby Girl”

Quilting, Sewing, Soaping

Ribbon Box Crib Quilt

One of the things I knew for sure I wanted to make for Ms. Baby was a quilt.  I’m a quilting super beginner, but have a couple of awesome super quilter family members to ask advice of, which is great.

I looked and looked and couldn’t find a quilt pattern that really spoke to me…that is, until Nakisha told me she was going to make Cloud 9 Fabrics’s Ribbon Box Quilt.  I loved it and immediately made plans to copy her.  :P  I mean, imitation is the purest form of flattery, right?

Here it is…

Cloud 9 Ribbon Box Quilt

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The Birthday Dress!

…OK and it was also my Christmas dress.  ‘Cause preggo don’t need two fancy dresses (this is the Midwest after all).


I’m a little late on posting this.  JUST A TAD.  Took these photos on my birthday, which was FOUR weeks ago.  The bump seemed giant then and continues on its quest for world domination.

World. Domination.

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