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Maybe It’s Baby Brain, Maybe She’s Just Gone Nuts

Seriously, I can’t remember shit these days.  Don’t get me wrong, this is how it was before I was growing a human being, but the level of shit I cannot remember has increased exponentially during my pregnancy.

So, since I have a fetus eating my brain (tiny zombie?) you’d think I’d be, uh, taking it easy.  Making things uncomplicated for myself.

Nah…  Ever since I really hit that second trimester stride, I’ve been getting up off the couch (ok, well, sometimes) and gettin’ back at it.

I had a wonderful time last weekend with my awesome family quilter, Aunt Carol, cutting and piecing together the blocks for BABY’S FIRST QUILT!  Here’s a preview.  I’ll go more into pattern, fabrics, etc. once it’s finished.

Baby Quilt!

Not only I’ve done a bit more on this since this photo was taken; the face of the quilt is nearly done now (I only have two more rows to sew together and sew on!), but the night before our quilting date, I prepped patterns for and cut out THREE GARMENTS.  HELL YEAH!

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The Teeny Tiny Quilt

Someone very special is turning three this week: my niece! You’ve seen her before in her flower girl dress from our wedding, and here she is again:


What do you get for a little gal who already has tons of toys? Turns out, she’s been asking for a baby doll cradle. Guess who has one from her own childhood? Aunt Jessie! Sure, it’s a little worn, but that wear is love.

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

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The Mummy Top

Thank you all for the baby well wishes!  :D

For this top, I figured I mightaswell just come out with puns blazing. Because, you know, I’m gonna be a mummy. And you wrap mummies in strips of cloth. And, well, even the linen color (not sure what I was thinking there). Here it is, Simplicity 1468, AKA The Mummy top:

The Mummy Top

Oh Mummy Top, AKA Megan Nielsen’s Wrapped Maternity Top, how you displease me. Sewing and wearing you both instilled an urge to poke my eye (but not both, because I need at least one left to sew with, of course. Gotta be practical.) out with a sharp stick.

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Big News, New Direction

I’m full of it lately.  Full of what?  Nope, not shit (though, I have been accused of that from time to time).  Full o’ big news.  Big news that has nothing to do with sewing (but I promise you will see me sew again!  I have a few things in the works now).

My Mid-Winter blogging malaise has been a bit prolonged this year.  It usually lasts about a month.  I just finished sewing my first garment in THREE MONTHS a couple of weeks ago.  I have a good reason, though.  A good reason that isn’t my oft wished desire to hibernate or my suspected case of SAD.



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Wedding Wednesday: The Big Day!

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Wedding Wednesday!  As I start to perk up a bit from my Winter hibernation (every year without fail I stall on blogging around December and it goes for…however long!) I thought I’d bring you the final bits I’d like to share from our wedding:  photos from the big day.

In case you missed them, here are links to my wedding DIY posts:
Shower Dress
Bachelorette Dress
Rehearsal Dress
Flower Girl Dress and ring bearer pillow
Wedding Favors

It was pretty magical; so much fun.  We are so grateful to have so many friends and family to have shared it with.

These were taken by the wonderful and talented wife and husband team Chyrstal + Lucas Photography.  I’m really bad and choosing my favorites, so I’ve just posted a shit ton of them below.  I apologize for my lack of editing skillz.  You can see our photogs’ nicely curated blog post of our wedding here.

JR^2 Wedding
JR^2 Wedding

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