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The Julia Cardi

Hate is a strong word, but I’m going to use it rapaciously here and reiterate:  I hate printing and taping together PDF patterns.  I hate it more than I hate tracing patterns, adjusting the fit of patterns, or cutting my fabric.  I hate figuring out how to store them, and I hate how bulky they are in general.  Dealing with PDF patterns is the lowliest of low tasks in my sewing world.

But every once in a while I see something I just want to make that only comes as a PDF, drudgery be damned.  DAMNED, I say!

And that’s where Julia came in.

Julie Cardigan

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Knocked Up: The Multi-Purpose dress of blahness

First off, I’m 27 weeks today.  Woot!  13ish to go.

After a couple of tops, I’ve finally made a maternity dress!  A maternity dress that also is supposed to conveniently double as a nursing dress, thus the post title.  It’s Simplicity 1469, AKA Megan Nielsen’s nursing top:

Simplicity 1469

I think it will get some wear, but I’m not overly excited about how it turned out.  It feels…blah.

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The Maternity Dolman

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had three garments on the sewing table.  I got all three of them done (and finished a fourth that has been languishing for a long time) in the weekend after that post!  Now, taking photos and blogging is a different matter, as many of you know.

In any case, here’s the first one:  Simplicity 1359!  I whipped up view A:  a super simple (we’re talking 4 pattern pieces.  SUPA SIMPLE!) short sleeved dolman top with side ties:

Simplicity 1359A

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Girl Charlee: a frank look

So, I’ve been drooling over the neat knit prints available at Girl Charlee for quite some time now.  The only thing holding me back were some reports I’d heard about the quality of their fabrics.

Well, that, and the fact that I am technically trying to “fabric fast” with a ton of other lovely folks over on Pattern Review.  My rules for my own fast are that I need to sew two yards for every one that I buy to decrease my stash.  This has not really been happening, but hey, oh well.

Anywho, after receiving some good advice on what to buy and what to avoid (mostly light prints and fabrics less than 8 oz) from the lovely Aleah (whose awesome Thread Theory top is pretty much responsible for spurring on my order) and HanPanda at Pattern review via the Fabric Fast thread (yes, I got advice on what to order from a group of people trying to abstain from purchasing fabric.  What can I say?  We support and enable.).

So, without further adieu…

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Maybe It’s Baby Brain, Maybe She’s Just Gone Nuts

Seriously, I can’t remember shit these days.  Don’t get me wrong, this is how it was before I was growing a human being, but the level of shit I cannot remember has increased exponentially during my pregnancy.

So, since I have a fetus eating my brain (tiny zombie?) you’d think I’d be, uh, taking it easy.  Making things uncomplicated for myself.

Nah…  Ever since I really hit that second trimester stride, I’ve been getting up off the couch (ok, well, sometimes) and gettin’ back at it.

I had a wonderful time last weekend with my awesome family quilter, Aunt Carol, cutting and piecing together the blocks for BABY’S FIRST QUILT!  Here’s a preview.  I’ll go more into pattern, fabrics, etc. once it’s finished.

Baby Quilt!

Not only I’ve done a bit more on this since this photo was taken; the face of the quilt is nearly done now (I only have two more rows to sew together and sew on!), but the night before our quilting date, I prepped patterns for and cut out THREE GARMENTS.  HELL YEAH!

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