My Tiny Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I don’t usually go all out for V-Day, but this year did make some outfits for the kiddies and cookies for Mr. 5 (And Cheeks.  And me:  who am I kidding?)

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Plaid Forever

There’s just something quintessentially Winter about plaid flannel:  It’s cheerful, cozy and warm.  There is just nothing quite as delightful as a natural fiber with a brushed surface.

I saw this plaid on Fabric Mart’s site and it was love at first sight.  It definitely has a bit of a Christmas tilt with the green with the red, but I’m still digging it for January and Winter at large.  Not only is it mega soft, it’s 60″ wide, a bit of a rarity in woven-land, which is awesome for cramming lots of garments in.  It was still in stock when I began writing this post a couple of weeks ago, but has since sold out.

Boy do I have a lot of makes to share with you today!  One garment for each of my four family members, representing 7 1/4 yards and 29 pearl snaps from  I’d planned to only use the snaps for my own shirt, but then decided to work smarter, not harder, and used them on all of our shirts!


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Life, Sewing

On 2018, 2019 and Fabric


Oh how you crawled then flew by; the former not unlike our youngest, Peaches, who is now 9 months old (!!!) and creeping like a champ.  Cheeks is almost 3 1/2.  Whoa.

Cheeks and Peaches
Photo by Irish Lane Photography

There is so much I was still able to create whilst learning the ropes of caring for two wee ones, but I favored creating over documentation.  That said, I posted way more on Instagram and Facebook than I did here.  That’s likely to continue, but hoping to post more of the nitty gritty details of my makes here with more regularity.

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End of Year Plans!

It’s been eons since I’ve done a planning post, and I have so many ideas rolling around in my head that I thought it was high time for another!

We have lots of fun stuff coming up as the year comes to an end, so I have quite the sewing schedule planned.  I’ll have a chance of getting a good portion of it done if I actually sew after the kids go to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch…we’ll see what I finish!  Here they are in order of priority:

1.  Christmas dress #1 for Peaches

Simple Life Pattern Co Baby Aria


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Happy Halloween from Cheeks and Cupcake!

Heyyyy!  Long time no see, but I finally got off my duff (well, actually I remained seated, but you get the turn of phrase) and not only sewed but also wrote about my babies’ Halloween costumes!

Cheeks:  3
Cupcake: 6 months

HOW CUTE ARE THEY???  I love them so.

I thought about splitting this up into a couple of different posts, since I have a poopload of photos, but ultimately decided to just make this a massive, awesome Halloween costume bomb. KA-BLAM.  You’re welcome.

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