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So, What’s Next?

I am starting to feel the crunch of the time left before the impending arrival of Baby SometimesSewist (also known as The Panda, or more recently, The Squirrel/Thumper).  He should be arriving 8 weeks from today, give or take a couple of weeks, of course.  ;) Before I enter the daze of New Motherhood in July, here is what I am hoping to accomplish sewing-wise.

For my little guy:

1.  Finish crib quilt.  Here’s the progress I’ve made as of this post.


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Wardrobe Achieved!

OK, I already mentioned last time that I got everything done for my wardrobe, but now all of my reviews are written and I’ve submitted my composite review to Pattern Review…so I am REALLY DONE!

Here are the outfits I’m able to make with these 9 pieces (please excuse my cankles; they suck):


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The Phoenix Skirt

It’s an understatement to say that I was less than enthused with how my over-the-bump dirndl skirt turned out.  As such, I sent it to Valhalla this weekend and this quite simple, but delightfully wearable, phoenix rose from the ashes:

Simplicity 1359And no, I don’t give a crap that I’m mixing Norse and Greek mythology.  I do what I want!

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I’ve finished two more pieces of my wardrobe!  I have mixed feelings about this outfit as a whole, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Here they are:  Butterick 5796 (view A) top, and Burda 7023 skirt.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

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The Cropped Muumuu

OMG you guys…I finished another top!  OK, it’s not really OMG worthy, but it is kind of funny to me since it’s a silhouette I wouldn’t have given a second glance without a squirrel in the oven (hey, that’s what it feels like these days).  Meet McCall’s 7125:

McCall's 7125

View D

The most voluminous shirt you have ever seen…and it’s not a maternity pattern!

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