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UFO Quilt Update

We’ve been having quite the weather here the last couple of days.  Rain, rain and more rain…with daytime temperatures hovering around freezing (and dipping below at night).  I’ve managed to make it in to work every day so far, but I had Midwestern Interesting* parts of my commute each day with slippery stretches of road.  Snow?  Expected here in the Winter.  Ice?  A bit more of a problem.  But, it’s been manageable.

Anywho enough about the weather:  just wanted to share updates on some projects and a couple of plans!

My Pattern Review UFO contest entry (in progress review here), the Christmas quilt I started in 2012, is coming along well.  There’s still a chance I could get it done by the February 4th deadline.

UFO Contest 2017

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Robe of Infinite Cuteness

We keep our house pretty cold in the Winter, because we’re cheap asses.  Around 65 while we’re awake, and 59 while we’re sleeping.  But at times 65 still feels chilly, and poor Cheeks’s hands get pretty cold sometimes.  We had been putting sweatshirts on him…

Then I saw Simplicity 8224 and it was decided:  he needs a robe.

Simplicity 8224

I think that we can all agree that animal ears automatically make baby and toddler clothes cuter.  Yes?  YES!

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The Christmas PJs

I know, Christmas is done and we’re onto a new year, but I wanted to take a minute to share a project I started last year…family pajamas!

Here’s some photos of the three of us this year at Christmas…

Christmas PJs

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Goodbye 2016, Hallo 2017

Well, here we are friends…it’s 2017 already!  I’m starting to see what people mean by the years starting to race by.  The challenges from day to day with our wee lad sometimes make days go slowly, but damn did this year fly.

Speaking of Cheeks, this was definitely his year on Mama’s blog.  Here are a few of my favorites:


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The Sentimental Snowdrop

Hey there!  Apparently I’m on the every-two-months blogging schedule…which is kind of funny because I’ve been more productive in the last two or three months than I have been in the previous year.  What a backlog of makes I have for you guys (if I ever get around to photographing them).

Anywho, here we are on the day before Christmas Eve, and I do have one thing to show you!  It’s a very special Christmas gift that I whipped up for a person dear to me:  Blue Calla Patterns’ Snowdrop Satchel.

Blue Calla Snowdrop

Time is at a premium these days, so this is one of only four things I sewed for Christmas this year (two of the others are only sort of gifts, and one is just a shirt I whipped up for Cheeks).

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