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My Sewing Room Today

Welcome back!  Sorry if that last post was a bit of a snoozer.  I tend to get excited when it comes to my sewing space and geek out too much.  Are you ready for round two?  Hope so!

Here it is…the moment you’ve accepted is coming been waiting for…

A tour of my sewing room today!

2020-02-12_0183View from the entrance of my 10×11 sewing paradise.

2020-02-12_0182To the right, you’ll find storage.  Lots and lots of storage.

2020-02-12_0173To the left, sewing desk, and small storage.

2020-02-12_0184As you exit, you’ll find a closet, a cabinet, and a dress form that needs to be kept
out of sight of the doorway lest it freak you into thinking some strange really
still person has invaded your home.

Now that you’ve seen The Sewing Room in all of its glory, it’s time to explore.

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Cutting Table Bliss

First, I want to address the tragedy of Robin Williams’ passing.  He was both a comedic and dramatic genius; his life’s work made an impact on my life and I am so very sad for his family and the world to have lost him.  His untimely death is also a reminder of how devastating of an illness depression is and how important it is to know the signs and know that it can affect anyone.  From what I’ve seen, he was being treated, but hopefully his passing will raise awareness that will ultimately help others.

As someone who has struggled with depression in the past, it was the insight of a cherished, wonderful lecturer in my college apparel design program who first mentioned I seemed off.  She gave me the nudge I needed to get help and I’m grateful.

I don’t know the anguish Robin was feeling that caused him to end all pain (if that’s even what happened, which seems likely), but it grieves me to think of what he may have gone through.  Here’s hoping that now he can rest in peace.

* * * * *

So, I finally got it assembled…my new Nordbyn table from Ikea!  Sure, it wasn’t quite the Ikea hackers DIY situation I had envisioned, but I am very happy with the outcome!

It’s not rocket science

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IKEA! (and my 100th post!)

There’s a magical place not so far away that I make a pilgrimage to every year or so (though I’ve gotten to go TWICE this year; whoa!).  It’s a place filled with Swedish meatballs, Lingonberry jam, flat packed monstrosities, claustrophobia, and a scent that can only be identified by it’s name:  IKEA.

My big goal for this journey to Schaumburg?  A new cutting table!

Here’s my current cutting situation.  A folding table in the basement:

I left the mess from my Mini Wardrobe so you could see my piggy shame, just like my last post.  And this is after picking most of the scraps up along the way…

I only had two criteria for my new cutting table:

1.  Must fit my 3×5′ cutting mat
2.  Needs to be at least 36″ tall for ergonomic cutting (AKA fewer backaches).

As you can see, my current situation fits neither of my needs, but I’ve been making it work for the last few years.

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Sewing Hiatus = Reorganization

Now that the sewing frenzy of July is over, I can sit back and relax a little…

Well, kinda. I’m a bit pretty ashamed to admit this, but I feel like I need to share the state of my sewing room post Mini Wardrobe:

Oversharing is caring

First of all, damn. What a fucking mess. Secondly, this is not an uncommon sight in my sewing room.

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Let’s Talk Organization: Pattern Storage

I don’t know about your habits, fellow sewists, but I’m a slob. I blame it on the need to create which runs in my veins, but I’ve really never been good at putting things away once I’m done with them.

I’ve been this way my whole life; I was able to earn a $2 weekly allowance for keeping my room clean growing up, which I’m fairly certain I collected less times than the number fingers on one hand because I simply didn’t care to put forth the effort. My sister tells me the allowance increased to $5 a week, but I never knew the difference.

It’s definitely not something I’m proud of, but I’ve accepted that it’s a part of me and something I will probably always struggle with. Thank goodness for the tolerance of poor Mr. 5, who has to live amongst my scatterbrained-ness, which sometimes leaks out onto our kitchen table, in our under 1000 square foot house.

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