Happy Halloween from Gekko and Owlette!

Happy Halloween!  After these past few days of posts, I’m excited to finally share with you the fruits of my labor:


Not the best photo of them both, but it’s like herding cats with these two.  And she wanted both buckets, mmkay?

I’ve talked about the creative challenges with each of these for Owlette and Gekko, but here’s the rest of the meat and potatoes that I thought you also might enjoy.

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Halloween Making: Gekko

And now on to Gekko!  I knew his costume would come with its own challenges, but I didn’t foresee anything being as complicated as Owlette’s Cape.

First things first, if you don’t know who Gekko from PJ Masks is you should click here.

Here are the challenges identified for this costume:

  • Chest logo
  • Tail drafting and attachment method
  • Muscle makin’

Gekko Logo

Yes, even after Owlette I was still worried about the chest logo.  I had already cut the front of his Muscle Shirt out (from Sew a Little Seam’s Master of Disguise), and thought nothing of just going for the vinyl-stencil-with-fabric-paint approach that had worked for Owlette.


Except it didn’t work.

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Halloween: The Plan

I can’t deny that I love making costumes.  Sometimes I hem (ha!) and haw and drag my feet, but in the end I do enjoy the problem solving and processes that are involved.  Nothing like a little experimentation!

The past couple of years the kids’ Halloween costumes have ended up centering around Cheeks’ birthday party themes and dress up clothes gifted by a certain aunt!  His 3rd birthday was Dragons love Tacos and these were their costumes last year (a dragon and his Maleficent):


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Happy Halloween from Cheeks and Cupcake!

Heyyyy!  Long time no see, but I finally got off my duff (well, actually I remained seated, but you get the turn of phrase) and not only sewed but also wrote about my babies’ Halloween costumes!

Cheeks:  3
Cupcake: 6 months

HOW CUTE ARE THEY???  I love them so.

I thought about splitting this up into a couple of different posts, since I have a poopload of photos, but ultimately decided to just make this a massive, awesome Halloween costume bomb. KA-BLAM.  You’re welcome.

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…If I Only Had a Heart


*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

OH!  Hi; long time no see.  Since I last wrote, Summer has turned to Autumn and the trees in our yard are almost bare.  I’ve also sewn up at least six garments that I have yet to photograph or write about.

The problem with that is I begin to forget the tweaks and fitting changes, but if I get around to blogging them, I’ll do my best to recall.  I really should just start keeping a notebook to document fitting.

Alas, I could wax about these things for a whole post, but that’s not the point, my friend…

It’s HALLOWEEN!  Happy All Hallows Eve to you all!

Last year, Mr. Cheeks was a monkey.  I bought the costume from Costco because I was an exhausted new mom.  THIS YEAR Cheeks is…drumroll…


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