Colorblocked: Another Cowl Dress

Hey all!  Remember me?  I’m back…and I made something!  Something you’ve seen before:  Butterick 5778!  It’s funny that I’m finally posting this new version of it in July, but would’ve been much more appropriate had I waited until my 1 year blogiversary on July 8th to post it.

Butterick 5778

I also realize you’ve already seen this in my last Me Made May recap, but I thought I’d share a little more info.

After my last version, I decided to stop being lazy and to add some sort of FBA, especially since I still didn’t use a 4-way stretch knit, like I had vowed to if I made another.  I ended up adding a 1/2″ or so to the bottom center front bodice piece, and to the seam of the side bodice pieces, truing out to the side seams.  I also added a bit to the curves of the side bodice pieces and cutting and slashing the center bodice piece and stay.  The fit turned out quite nicely!

Butterick 5778

Speaking of fabric, I used a teal rayon jersey and a mystery, thin dark blue jersey.  Since the jersey is a bit thin, I followed the Aleah approach of cutting 2 of each side front piece and back to self line the bodice (plus, the back facing was just not comfortable in the last one, and didn’t stay down so easily!) and made a tiered skirt (AKA cut the overskirt 3″ shorter).

Butterick 5778

I had some issues with my side front pieces.  I accidentally cut one way longer than the other (not really sure how that happened) which resulted in a very off kilter bodice, and therefore skirt…

Lesson?  If you cut 2 pairs when self-lining, mix up the pairs to check for any inconsistencies

….which I fixed by taking everything apart at the waistband and cutting a chunk off.  Eep.  But, it worked out in the end.

I also stole Aleah’s idea to use a waistband.  At least, I think I did.  I can’t remember if that thought was in my head before I read her ponderings on the subject.  No matter, we all agree that Aleah is awesome, and stealing ideas from those you admire are what sewing blogs are all about.

Butterick 5778

I decided to leave the hem raw.  It had such a nice flow, and I didn’t anticipate much raveling.  I also didn’t anticipate having to straighten out the hem by re-cutting it TWO more times:  once after the accursed off-kilter bodice incident, and once after laundering the dress for the first time (I washed the fabric once or twice before sewing).

I am kind of scared to wash it again; I don’t want to deal with it anymore, and the hem keeps getting a bit shorter every time because it seems to shrink in a different place each time (and I’m pretty sure the whole thing shrunk overall!).  Good thing I didn’t compensate for the length of the waistband!  Does anyone think that actually hemming it will prevent this from happening further?  I’d be interested in opinions on that!

Butterick 5778

All in all, I really like this dress, and I can see it becoming my new go-to.  Even though it shrunk and now shows every lump and bump, the waistband is just much more comfortable than the tie, and I’m excited for the next time I get to wear it!

Butterick 5778

Butterick 5778

* * * * *

Since my last post in early June, I’ve been doing too much fabric buying, but not so much sewing.  I have also been doing a lot of garden tending (as evidenced by the above, but may be disputed by Mr. 5), have done a bunch of grilling out and hammock laying, went on a canoe daytrip, made a ton of progress on my wedding Evenstar shawl, and have finished 61% (thanks, Kindle) of Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door 2013 (hehe…back door).

And, it seems that WordPress has changed its interface since I last logged in.  I didn’t think I was away that long…

I’ve also begun putting together McCall’s 6559 with this Maggy London ITY knit (Eep!  Poly =/= Summer)


I am not so sure of it.  You can make your own judgement when it’s finished!


12 thoughts on “Colorblocked: Another Cowl Dress”

    1. Thanks, Ruthie! I definitely cold washed, but I think I threw it in the dryer on low for 5 minutes last time before hanging to dry the rest of the way. You’re right – definitely no more dryer for this one!

  1. I really like the two-toned look and the cowl neck is lovely.

    It sucks so bad when handmade clothes shrink after making. I never used to prewash my fabric until the first pair of jeans I made, the first time I washed them the hem shrunk up by about 3″! Even now though with prewashing it still seems to happen sometimes.

    1. Yes, it’s super disappointing. :( You end up looking like a sausage in too small of a casing, like me in this one! After a couple more washes, I am really starting to hate this fabric. It wrinkles so much that I have to steam the damn thing every time I wear it!

  2. You’re so sweet, you can steal from me anytime ;) Especially if it’s for awesome stuff like this! I totally love the colorblocking! I’m just going to have to make us even by stealing that idea from you. The double layer skirt is a great idea too – you totally got two birds here, a skirt lining and a colorblock hem band. Love it!

    1. Hey Deb! 5778 is designed for 2 way knits, so if you’re planning to attempt it in a woven you’ll need to add a zipper and sew a larger size.

      Honestly, though, I’d recommend finding a different cowl neck pattern that’s intended for a woven if you’re set on using chiffon and satin.

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