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Goodbye 2016, Hallo 2017

Well, here we are friends…it’s 2017 already!  I’m starting to see what people mean by the years starting to race by.  The challenges from day to day with our wee lad sometimes make days go slowly, but damn did this year fly.

Speaking of Cheeks, this was definitely his year on Mama’s blog.  Here are a few of my favorites:


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Girl Charlee: a frank look

So, I’ve been drooling over the neat knit prints available at Girl Charlee for quite some time now.  The only thing holding me back were some reports I’d heard about the quality of their fabrics.

Well, that, and the fact that I am technically trying to “fabric fast” with a ton of other lovely folks over on Pattern Review.  My rules for my own fast are that I need to sew two yards for every one that I buy to decrease my stash.  This has not really been happening, but hey, oh well.

Anywho, after receiving some good advice on what to buy and what to avoid (mostly light prints and fabrics less than 8 oz) from the lovely Aleah (whose awesome Thread Theory top is pretty much responsible for spurring on my order) and HanPanda at Pattern review via the Fabric Fast thread (yes, I got advice on what to order from a group of people trying to abstain from purchasing fabric.  What can I say?  We support and enable.).

So, without further adieu…

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Three topics, One Post

I got a special notification from WordPress last week:  as of July 7th, I’ve been blogging for 2 years!

2 Years!

Sure, I haven’t been too consistent in posting, but I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve been writing about the things I’ve been making for even this long, especially since I had two (three?) failed, flailing starts at blogging before this one stuck.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was posting photos of things I’d made on Facebook, and starting to realize that I wanted to say more about them than seemed appropriate for that scene.

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