The Blue Velvet Jumpsuit

Those are quite the three words, eh?

Blue. Velvet. Jumpsuit.


This is the only jumpsuit I’ve ever owned as an adult, and as no surprise with that information, the first I’ve ever sewn for myself. Definitely not my usual speed sewing-wise, but I have been wanting to try my hand at sewing a jumpsuit for a while now, and was pretty intrigued by Papercut Patterns Sierra Jumpsuit.

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Baby Girl is ONE

How do you write a blog post to commemorate your sweet baby girl, your last baby of all, turning ONE?!


The first step is to avoid it because:  all the feels.  And maybe if you avoid it, it won’t happen.  She won’t grow so dang quickly (heck, that goes for both of the babies).  But no, time marches on and the biggest hope of all is that she will grow into a wonderful young woman.

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Tales From Christmas Past: Oh Deer Me

Christmas is lonnnnng gone, but I’ve got a to-be-blogged backlog of 2018 makes a mile long.  I may lose steam on showing you all of them (but I’m hoping to share at least one a month on Throwback Thursday!), but I couldn’t not blog the holiday clothes I made for us last year…they’re just too cute.


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