Halloween: The Plan

I can’t deny that I love making costumes.  Sometimes I hem (ha!) and haw and drag my feet, but in the end I do enjoy the problem solving and processes that are involved.  Nothing like a little experimentation!

The past couple of years the kids’ Halloween costumes have ended up centering around Cheeks’ birthday party themes and dress up clothes gifted by a certain aunt!  His 3rd birthday was Dragons love Tacos and these were their costumes last year (a dragon and his Maleficent):


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On 2018, 2019 and Fabric


Oh how you crawled then flew by; the former not unlike our youngest, Peaches, who is now 9 months old (!!!) and creeping like a champ.  Cheeks is almost 3 1/2.  Whoa.

Photo by Irish Lane Photography

There is so much I was still able to create whilst learning the ropes of caring for two wee ones, but I favored creating over documentation.  That said, I posted way more on Instagram and Facebook than I did here.  That’s likely to continue, but hoping to post more of the nitty gritty details of my makes here with more regularity.

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End of Year Plans!

It’s been eons since I’ve done a planning post, and I have so many ideas rolling around in my head that I thought it was high time for another!

We have lots of fun stuff coming up as the year comes to an end, so I have quite the sewing schedule planned.  I’ll have a chance of getting a good portion of it done if I actually sew after the kids go to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch…we’ll see what I finish!  Here they are in order of priority:

1.  Christmas dress #1 for Peaches

Simple Life Pattern Co Baby Aria

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Maternity Plans

Thanks for your kind words on my dress!  Another month has flown by, and I thought it was high time that I shared my plans for maternity sewing.

I don’t plan to go too crazy, since I’m almost six months pregnant (whoa…when did that happen?) and there’ll be limited longevity to these garments, but there are still a few things on my list before I start sewing for Ms. Baby!

A long sleeved Megan Nielsen Cara


I made one of these when I was pregnant with Cheeks and really liked it, and also recently made a long sleeved Christmas version (matching family PJs:  the guys each got one, too!).  This particular iteration will be in a mint thermal wool jersey that I recently picked up from Fabric Mart (which was a bit hard to photograph):


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It’s July! Summer Updates

I’ve been gone for a spell; ah, the ebb and flow which is my blogging.  I’m either on it and posting every week, or *poof* gone.  Well, we’ve been a bit busy since I last posted in June!

So, what’s up, Buttercup?

After three months of looking for a new house, we put in our fourth offer and it finally stuck!  FINALLY!  I’d say I’m probably most excited about this at the moment…


Amidst this craziness, I was lucky enough to be able to attend PR Weekend and got to meet and room with the delightful Meigan of Get My Stitch On.  <3

2020-02-19_0347Talk about a room with a view!

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