Reglisse: A Breath of Spring Air

“Spring?” you question, puzzled “But it’s October and you don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Yeah, sure don’t.  But perhaps my tardiness can be inspo for all of the Aussies and Kiwis and whoever else is fixin’ to start their warm weather sewing!  And I also figured I could slip this one in before it got seriously cold here; once the snow starts flying these nice green pics might make me sad.  Ha.

Meet my Deer & Doe Reglisse


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Plaid Forever

There’s just something quintessentially Winter about plaid flannel:  It’s cheerful, cozy and warm.  There is just nothing quite as delightful as a natural fiber with a brushed surface.

I saw this plaid on Fabric Mart’s site and it was love at first sight.  It definitely has a bit of a Christmas tilt with the green with the red, but I’m still digging it for January and Winter at large.  Not only is it mega soft, it’s 60″ wide, a bit of a rarity in woven-land, which is awesome for cramming lots of garments in.  It was still in stock when I began writing this post a couple of weeks ago, but has since sold out.

Boy do I have a lot of makes to share with you today!  One garment for each of my four family members, representing 7 1/4 yards and 29 pearl snaps from  I’d planned to only use the snaps for my own shirt, but then decided to work smarter, not harder, and used them on all of our shirts!


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One for Mama, Two for Baby Girl

Heeey guys!  Today I’m sharing a versatile make for myself, and a sweet little set for the wee lass that we’re still waiting to meet.  Let’s start with my look!


This is Deer & Doe’s Aubepine, or as I discovered via Google Translator means Hawthorn in English.  Also very important: IT HAS POCKETS! Continue reading “One for Mama, Two for Baby Girl”


The Birthday Dress!

…OK and it was also my Christmas dress.  ‘Cause preggo don’t need two fancy dresses (this is the Midwest after all).


I’m a little late on posting this.  JUST A TAD.  Took these photos on my birthday, which was FOUR weeks ago.  The bump seemed giant then and continues on its quest for world domination.

World. Domination.

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It’s July! Summer Updates

I’ve been gone for a spell; ah, the ebb and flow which is my blogging.  I’m either on it and posting every week, or *poof* gone.  Well, we’ve been a bit busy since I last posted in June!

So, what’s up, Buttercup?

After three months of looking for a new house, we put in our fourth offer and it finally stuck!  FINALLY!  I’d say I’m probably most excited about this at the moment…


Amidst this craziness, I was lucky enough to be able to attend PR Weekend and got to meet and room with the delightful Meigan of Get My Stitch On.  <3

2020-02-19_0347Talk about a room with a view!

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