Exhilaration and Heartbreak: My Sewholic Minoru Story


Jacket. Coat. Outwear. What-have-you.

I bought this pattern FIVE mofoing years ago, and it finally has taken form… my very own Sewaholic Minoru.


But this story is not rainbows and unicorns, it’s also shitty Parisian polyester.  And now, it shall begin… Continue reading “Exhilaration and Heartbreak: My Sewholic Minoru Story”


The Maternity Dirndl

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve gotten TWO garments of my wardrobe finished…and here’s the second!  Well, maybe.

2020-02-13_0070It’s a self drafted dirndl skirt meant to be worn above the belly.  I’m still unsure of how I really feel about the finished product.  I wrote this post before we took pictures.  I have an opinion now post-photo viewing:  HOLY WTF.

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Knocked Up: The Multi-Purpose dress of blahness

First off, I’m 27 weeks today.  Woot!  13ish to go.

After a couple of tops, I’ve finally made a maternity dress!  A maternity dress that also is supposed to conveniently double as a nursing dress, thus the post title.  It’s Simplicity 1469, AKA Megan Nielsen’s nursing top:


I think it will get some wear, but I’m not overly excited about how it turned out.  It feels…blah.

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