A Dress and Some Cardis

Hey hey! Happy Summer! Been just a bit since I last posted.

I want to first to take an opportunity to wish my awesome, sweet and amazing Cheeks a Happy 5th Birthday this week.  It’s hard to believe he’s already FIVE! And check out this shirt I made for him. :D

It’s a Jalie Nico, if you can believe it. :P Print is Lillestoff cotton/Lycra jersey and solids are from Purple Seamstress.

Like many folks I’ve been spending a lot of time at home this Summer, which translates into lots of sewing.  I’ve often had a thoughts about sewing for the upcoming season to get maximum wear out of garments, but often seem to be playing catch up with my sewing.  But not this time:  here are my first transitional pieces for Autumn, entirely inspired by the wonderful sweater knits I kept spying at FabricMart.

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Happy Halloween from Gekko and Owlette!

Happy Halloween!  After these past few days of posts, I’m excited to finally share with you the fruits of my labor:


Not the best photo of them both, but it’s like herding cats with these two.  And she wanted both buckets, mmkay?

I’ve talked about the creative challenges with each of these for Owlette and Gekko, but here’s the rest of the meat and potatoes that I thought you also might enjoy.

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Halloween: The Plan

I can’t deny that I love making costumes.  Sometimes I hem (ha!) and haw and drag my feet, but in the end I do enjoy the problem solving and processes that are involved.  Nothing like a little experimentation!

The past couple of years the kids’ Halloween costumes have ended up centering around Cheeks’ birthday party themes and dress up clothes gifted by a certain aunt!  His 3rd birthday was Dragons love Tacos and these were their costumes last year (a dragon and his Maleficent):


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Reglisse: A Breath of Spring Air

“Spring?” you question, puzzled “But it’s October and you don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Yeah, sure don’t.  But perhaps my tardiness can be inspo for all of the Aussies and Kiwis and whoever else is fixin’ to start their warm weather sewing!  And I also figured I could slip this one in before it got seriously cold here; once the snow starts flying these nice green pics might make me sad.  Ha.

Meet my Deer & Doe Reglisse


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