The Christmas PJs

I know, Christmas is done and we’re onto a new year, but I wanted to take a minute to share a project I started last year…family pajamas!

Here’s some photos of the three of us this year at Christmas…

Christmas PJs

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Oh my Darlin’ Cheeks

Your first birthday has now come and gone.

Cheeks is one

I would be lying if I said the day you were born wasn’t one of my scariest and most painful.  Maybe admitting that makes me a bad mom, maybe it just makes me human.  I am thankful to be in a place now where I have found more peace with how you entered the world.

Cheeks is one

I also had a spot o’ trouble coping with the delay of your birth, which was 15 days after you were due.  Irrational is a nice way of describing my behavior.  Your poor dad.  It was kind of no wonder you didn’t want to come out and meet your (possibly literally) crazy mama.

Cheeks is one

But as I sit and contemplate your first year, thinking about how much you’ve grown and learned, and how very much you have yet to, I feel the prickle of tears.  It has gone so slowly, yet so quickly, this first year of your beautiful life.

Cheeks is one

To say that I treasure you is the understatement of the century.

You are the best decision we have ever made.

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