Throwback Thursday: Wedding Wrap Bliss

Welcome to a very special Throwback Thursday!

Today we are celebrating the 6 month anniversary of my sis in law, Liz, and her beloved J.


Last Autumn they were married before their closest loved ones in an idyllic outdoor ceremony, followed by a lively and lovely winery reception the next day.

Big thanks to Dahli of Dahli.Durley Photography for permission to use her beautiful images of the wedding day.  All photos except those with an asterisk (*) are Dahli’s talented handiwork.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Big Day!

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Wedding Wednesday!  As I start to perk up a bit from my Winter hibernation (every year without fail I stall on blogging around December and it goes for…however long!) I thought I’d bring you the final bits I’d like to share from our wedding:  photos from the big day.

In case you missed them, here are links to my wedding DIY posts:
Shower Dress
Bachelorette Dress
Rehearsal Dress
Flower Girl Dress and ring bearer pillow
Wedding Favors

It was pretty magical; so much fun.  We are so grateful to have so many friends and family to have shared it with.

These were taken by the wonderful and talented wife and husband team Chyrstal + Lucas Photography.  I’m really bad and choosing my favorites, so I’ve just posted a shit ton of them below.  I apologize for my lack of editing skillz.  You can see our photogs’ nicely curated blog post of our wedding here.


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Wedding Whichever Day: The Favors

Welcome to Wedding Whichever Day!  Sure, it was Wedding Wednesday, but when you have a blog post half written for weeks and keep missing Wednesday, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thanks to all of the awesome folks from Pattern Review that have come by to check out my sewing room, which was included in their last newsletter!  So glad you could pop on over.  :)

Ya know how I’m the Sometimes Sewist?  I know it seems more like I am the All-The-Time Sewist, but there are a few other crafts that I enjoy and have told myself I’m good at.  ;)  I attribute my sewing bias to the fact that most clothes are much quicker and thus more gratifying for me to make these days than say, knitting a sweater or making a stained glass sun catcher (I do love me some solder, though).

Like everything in life, my crafting has gone through seasons, but my first real love was sewing, so it’s only appropriate that I have returned to it pretty much full-crafting-time.  My mom finally let me try her sewing machine when I was 12 or 13, since she was convinced I would sew through my fingers (which I have not done to this day; hurrah!  *knock on wood*).

My second love is knitting, which was my primary craft for a few years after college.  I particularly love knitting socks and lace (mostly shawls).

My third love? (Yeesh, such a hussy!)  Well, my third love never fully bloomed past infatuation, but I still dabble it in from time to time because I enjoy the end product:  cold process soaping.  AKA real soap.  Made with lye and oils (and love).

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Wedding Wednesday: The Flower Girl

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means:  wedding DIY!  If you don’t like this series, don’t worry, there are only two more left.  ;)

All of the photos in this post were taken by our wonderful professional photographers, Chrystal + Lucas Photography, with the exception of the second to last one, which was taken by my sister.

Before I launch into it, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your very sweet comments on my BurdaStyle skirt that I made for the Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee.  When I found out on Sunday that I wasn’t chosen to advance to round 2, I was very disappointed and a little POed (Now feeling a bit sheepish for this, but I really thought my skirt was at least good enough to be in the top 56).  But, that boil has relaxed into a simmer and the only thing bothering me now is that I will never know what the judges thought was wrong with it.  Soon that shall pass as well.

2/12/2020 update:  I’m in the process of moving my blog photo hosting and therefore have been looking through a LOT of posts lately.  I was so incredibly distraught that I didn’t go onto round 2 of the Sewing Bee.  My overreaction was so extreme I was kind of worried about my mental health…but it all made sense a week later when I found out I was pregnant.  Those hormones’ll sure getcha!

* * * * *

OK, back to the weddingness of it all.

When we got engaged, I knew immediately that I really wanted my niece and nephew to be flower girl and ring bearer.  I also knew that could be tricky, since my niece would only be 2 (and change) on our wedding day.  My sister warned me that kids don’t always do what you want them to…  That’s part of the charm of having them in your wedding!  Riiiiight?

I also decided early on into our engagement that I would not be making my wedding gown, because I would just stress myself out too much.  Turned out that was an A-OK decision because I found the perfect dress at the local bridal salon.

So, in lieu of making MY dress, I decided I must make the flower girl’s and it had to be totally poofy cupcake city.

In steps Vogue 7819, AKA the fanciest dress I may ever make.


This dress has six, count ’em, SIX layers of skirt.  I picked up all of the fabric from JoAnn, so I could color match in person, and ordered the waistline trim from Fabric Mart.  Here are the layers from the outside in:

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Wedding Wednesday: Vogue Rehearsal Dress

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!  Last week I shared my Bachelorette Party Dress and now it’s on to the rehearsal…

2020-02-12_0024  Vogue 8972

I’ll be honest, I did not make this dress for our wedding rehearsal.  I intended to make a dress, but ran out of time.  I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

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