A lot of Dia and a bit o’ Jalie

Hey lovely folks!  I’m so excited we are finally to my favorite season of the year:  FALL!

This Autumn has been a bit different with the COVID factor, but we were still able to make it to our favorite orchard for some apple picking in our fabulous Misusu Dia sweatshirts (and Jalie 2918, more on that in a bit!)

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Jalie Polartec Palooza

Howdy, all of you lovely people!  It’s been a while, and I realized I never responded to any comments on my last post.  EEP.  Sorry, not my intention!  Gonna rectify that shortly.


First things first:  Happy happy birthday to my hubby, who is having a significant birthday today.  :D  He’s not the subject of this post, but you will see his lower legs and feet later.  ;)

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Mama & Me: Tie Dye Palooza!

Back again to share some Mama and me goodness.  This time with both of the kiddos!  How in Hades’ name is Summer almost over?!

2019-08-28_0050This tie dyed fabric is a soft, lovely rayon/lycra jersey from Fabric Mart (sponsored:  Thanks FM!).  The opacity felt sufficient for the tiny garments, but I was a little concerned it might be a bit too sheer for my own dress, so I lined in another light blue rayon/Lycra jersey.

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Happy Super Belated Easter!

Happy Easter, almost a couple of weeks late!


I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks whipping up some Easter goodness for me and the kiddies.  I had designs to also make Mr. 5 at least a tie and hopefully a bonnet for Peaches, but time gave out on me, as you can see.  Sorry, hubby.  :(

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Throwback Thursday: Christmas Jaimesyn plus another Whistler

Howdy howdy!

Dang, I’ve been on a posting spree lately.  Don’t worry, I’ll lose my gumption soon enough again.  Ha!  The call of the sewing is always louder than the call of the blogging.  But I do love being able to look back and see all of the things I’ve made.


All outdoor photos by Irish Lane Photography

Which brings us to today’s Throwback Thursday, which is only throwing back about four months, but since these garments aren’t quite seasonal any longer:  here are Simple Life Pattern Co’s Baby Jaimesyn and another Love Notions Whistler.

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