Throwback Thursday: Vogue Tops

Before I begin, I’m just a wee bit excited to share that I was featured as the “Member in Focus” on Pattern Review’s blog yesterday; such a great honor!  I love the PR community and really treasure it as my online sewing home.

Also, this happens to be my 200th blog post!  Wheee!

I’ve recently been culling my photo collection, mostly brought on by the fact that I seem to take 500+ every month now that I am a Mamarazzi (get it?  Paparazzi?) and in doing so, found a ton of past project photos that just never made it to the blog!

I may not be able to share a lot about pattern or fit with some of them, but thought it would be fun to share regardless.   First up:

Pattern:  Vogue 8962
Completed:  Not sure exactly, but it was photographed November 2014.


So, this pattern is OOP now, and McCall’s JUST finished up an OOP sale.  At the end of this post, you might be thinking:  “Shit, I really like this, but I’m not paying $25 for this pattern.  Why are you doing this to me?!”  Well, I guess you’re gonna have to keep thinking that, ’cause I swore up and down that it was re-released as a See & Sew (Butterick), but cannot find it for the life of me.  Which likely means it does not exist…sorrrrry.

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Jalie 3245 Tunics

Happy March!  It came in like a lion here with a crazy thunderstorm with torrential rain followed by snowfall all the next day.  You be crazy, Mother Nature.  Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled sewing blog…

I heart me some Jalie.  I think that is apparent from all of the Jalie I’ve sewn up and there’s more yet to come!  The first time I used this pattern was the racerback version for a combination dress and swim cover up for our honeymoon back in 2014, which I never blogged.  It took me another three years to realize just how fabulous it is in the raglan version…

Jalie 3245

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A Tale of Three Whistlers, or Goldilocks is Never Satisfied

Before Thanksgiving (uh, yeah, I’m talking 3 months or so ago…) I was in a real sewing rut.  There was not much I was excited about sewing-wise.  And then, hark:  I noticed a really interesting PDF pattern that was coming out soon in a random sewing group I’m in on Facebook.

A bit of time went by and something tripped my memory about the pattern and I went searching for it again…a bit of hunting uncovered that it was the Love Notions Whistler and it had just been released!  I jumped on the intro discount.

In fairly quick succession, I managed to make not just one…but THREE Whistler tunics.

Love Notions Whister

Love Notions Whister

Love Notions Whister

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We Come From the Land of Cheese – July 4th Edition

First off, Happy Independence Day to all of my ‘Merican friends!  Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Monday to everyone else.  :)

Here in Wisconsin, Mr. 5, Cheeks and I celebrated the 4th by going to a cookout thrown by my Ma and Pa (thanks to my dad for taking these photos of our threesome).

We also celebrated in another way…

Cheeseball 4th of July outfits

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