Happy Halloween from Cheeks and Cupcake!

Heyyyy!  Long time no see, but I finally got off my duff (well, actually I remained seated, but you get the turn of phrase) and not only sewed but also wrote about my babies’ Halloween costumes!

Cheeks:  3
Cupcake: 6 months

HOW CUTE ARE THEY???  I love them so.

I thought about splitting this up into a couple of different posts, since I have a poopload of photos, but ultimately decided to just make this a massive, awesome Halloween costume bomb. KA-BLAM.  You’re welcome.

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…If I Only Had a Heart


*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

OH!  Hi; long time no see.  Since I last wrote, Summer has turned to Autumn and the trees in our yard are almost bare.  I’ve also sewn up at least six garments that I have yet to photograph or write about.

The problem with that is I begin to forget the tweaks and fitting changes, but if I get around to blogging them, I’ll do my best to recall.  I really should just start keeping a notebook to document fitting.

Alas, I could wax about these things for a whole post, but that’s not the point, my friend…

It’s HALLOWEEN!  Happy All Hallows Eve to you all!

Last year, Mr. Cheeks was a monkey.  I bought the costume from Costco because I was an exhausted new mom.  THIS YEAR Cheeks is…drumroll…

Simplicity 4024

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Happy Belated Halloween!

I can’t seem to ever be on time.  Always 10-15 minutes late wherever I go (but I am working on it, ’cause I know it’s annoying) and now I’m a whole three DAYS late wishing you guys a Happy Halloween!

Just a warning: this back story is a little long. You may want to sit down, or grab a cup of tea before you tuck in.

I waffled back and forth about whether I wanted to make a Halloween costume at all; I’ve been much more practical in my sewing in the last year or two and it seemed like a lot of work for something I’d wear one day and maybe never again.

But, I still pondered about what costume I would want, since I didn’t wear one to work last year and felt like a lame-ass.  I started off considering Elsa from Frozen, like every other 5-10 year old out there, because who doesn’t want to wear a sparkly, sheer cape?  I bought McCall’s 7000 thinking I would do so.


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Holy Crap!

Remember how I entered the costume contest at PR with my Steampunk costume?

Costume Contest

I am so excited and humbled. There’s nothing quite like a group of your peers letting you know you done good. Thanks so much for your support…you guys rock!

Simplicity 2172

P.S. Check out the awesome 2nd place winner…a porcupine! Made on the fly without a pattern. Now THAT is a costume. Also, gotta say that I would totally not have the patience for all of those quills. To see the ‘pine in all its glory, check out Meigan’s blog, Get My Stitch On.

P.P.S. I hit 5,000 views last Thursday! Holy bananas. Thanks for reading my crazy little blog, all of you beautiful people!


Simplicity 2172 and Happy Halloween!

On this spooky day, I hope your porches are adorned with scary jack-o-lanterns and your homes are ready for the onslaught of sugar craving ghosts and goblins!

Jack-o'-Lantern_2003-10-31Photograph by Toby Ord on 31 Oct 2003

I’ll be ready for them, decked out in my completed costume. Here are the bustier, skirt, and jacket all put together – Simplicity 2172!

Simplicity 2172

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