Mr. Baby Does Spring: Ice Cream Pants

If there’s something I love more than almost anything (except for Mr. 5, Mr. Cheeks and wine) it has to be ice cream.  A day is not quite complete without it, yet it is one of the junk foods in my life that I am able to control myself with (candy and chips:  Danger, Will Robinson!)

And these pants are just about as cute as that creamy confection is delicious:  Brindille & Twig’s 074: Ice Cream Pants*

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

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Sew Selfless September: Jalie 3022

So, I’m almost a month late with this.  I’m not gonna lie, these pants were not completed in September.  I finished them on October 4th and then didn’t get photos taken for 2 more weeks after that.   I did start them in September, though!

Jalie 3022Oscar is such a ham…gotta be involved in everything!

Jalie 3022
My friend Amanda and I signed up for a yoga class together this Fall, so I thought, what a better thing to make her than some yoga pants?  Unexpectedly, she took a flight off of her bike (so scary!) and broke her hand, so these yoga pants will just be for chillaxing purposes for now.  Continue to heal well, Amanda!

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