The Wonderfully Weirdass Dress

The moment I saw this pattern, I knew I had to have it…it was just a little different.  OK, actually it’s so damn weird, and I LOVE IT.


This is Butterick 6241, view C.  The piece de resistance from the February Retreat.  I’ve shared some pretty basic makes so far, so thought I would throw this slightly more complicated monster into the mix next.  Rawr!

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February Plans: Part One

Thanks for your kind words on my quilt!  :D  I am so happy to have it done and really appreciate it.  Would also be so appreciative for your vote at PR for the contest!

UFO Contest 2017

And yeah, you read that post title right.  I have so many sewing plans for February that they need to be split into TWO MOFOING BLOG POSTS.  Now that’s a spicy meatball!

Why so many sewing plans?  I get to attend a UFO retreat with my sister in law J (thanks for watching the pumpkin, sweet Mr. 5!) next week!  J manages a quilt shop in central Wisconsin and they’re hosting an awesome retreat for folks to finish up their unfinished pretties!  And I got invited!  Squee!

That said, I currently have no unfinished pretties (Huzzah!).  Since finishing my quilt, I have been cutting patterns and fabric in preparation for an ENTIRE LONG WEEKEND of sewing.  To say I’m stoked is an understatement.

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Where to begin…

Firstly, Happy New Year!  2013 was pretty awesome, and 2014 promises to be even more exciting for me (and Mr. 5).  More on both of those things at a later time.

Secondly, I’m feeling a bit really behind these days.  I’ve done a bunch of sewing, and some knitting, but zero blogging in the last couple of months, and I’m having some trouble figuring out where to begin again.  But, it’s like anything,  If I let myself get bogged down in the logistics, I’ll never start again.  So, time to jump in.

I have a backlog about a mile long, and I’m going to start with the items I made as Christmas gifts, and then share a recap of my trip to NYC in November (woot!).  Then, a parade of everything I made but didn’t blog in 2013, ending with a yearly recap, which I hope to have in the books by the end of January.  Whew.

But first, I have a decision to make and I’m just not sure which direction to go.  It’s my birthday on the 19th (31!  Egads.) and I am having trouble deciding what I should make for my birthday dress.  I already know the fabric, though:  this delicious navy blue silk twill from Fabric Mart.


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