Textile Tuesday: May 2013

Well, it’s Textile Tuesday again, and I when I began writing this post, I thought I had just bought a couple pieces of fabric.  Then, I realized that I had a shipment come in April AFTER last month’s TT…and then got another one last week.  Needless to say, as always, I’m naughty.  Darn sales at Fabric Mart (everything in this post is from there!). Here’s what I ended up with:

2 yards of a Maggy London border print ITY jersey:


I picked this up for $2.40 a yard. The first thing that came to mind when I pulled it out of the box was a maxi dress, but I’m not sure the fabric is really my style – the flowers are pretty huge (~7″ across). I think maybe a shorter dress may be more fitting, but we’ll see what I end up with.

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Textile Tuesday: April 2013

When I started this post, I hadn’t purchased any fabric this month. I was proud of that. And then I looked at Fabric Mart a few too many times, and I ended up buying more than I used! :/

Since last TT, I bought some patterns:


Both of which are already in progress! Hooray for not just throwing them in the pattern stash.

I bought Butterick 5030 to make C’s Rehearsal Dress (and also bought a copy in my size, ’cause I think it’s so cute looking! Teehee) and found Simplicity 1720 while paging through a pattern book at JoAnn. Totally wasn’t on my radar, but really looked like some comfortable, yet stylish, PJs, so I went for it!

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Textile Tuesday: March 2013

So, I’ve been up to a whole lot of not much garment sewing this month. Seems like I’ve been more into reading, watching shows that people half my age enjoy (Secret Life of the American Teenager, anyone?), and continuing to sew up blocks for my Christmas quilt (LOL…I WILL FINISH IT!!! Someday.). I have, however, managed to purchase a few goodies. I sewed a bunch last month and bought very little fabric, whereas this month I sewed very little but bought a moderate amount of fabric. Oops.

My laptop also bit the dust this month, and I’m writing this blog post on my very first night with the new machine…a ThinkPad 430. I’m hoping this computer will be a utilitarian beast which will last me for years to come, instead of the paltry 2 1/2 the last one (an HP Envy 17) lasted. Crossin’ ma fingers.

My first couple of items were actually purchased in February, but were still making their way to me as of last Textile Tuesday:

Pin-up Girls Classic, duoplex fabric, und underwires auf Deutschland!

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Textile Tuesday: February 2013

So, it’s Textile Tuesday again…and I have nothing to show you!  I purchased a yard of fabric a couple of days ago, but have yet to receive it.  That’s right – this month, I only bought ONE yard of fabric.

In lieu of fabric porn, I bring you pattern porn:


1. Sewaholic Renfrew because it has had such rave reviews (and I’ve already used it!  Woot!).
2. Vogue 8888 came home because, well, as I said previously, it’s freakin’ awesome and I needed to have it.
3.  Simplicity 1941, an Amazing fit pattern for a button down blouse (goes to DD cup!).
4.  Simplicity 1916 because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about (It’s #8 in Pattern Review’s Best of 2012!)

As for my NYE resolution on using more fabric than I buy…this month, I used a whopping 10 2/3 yards (seems like a lot to me, at least!) and brought in the one yard mentioned earlier, for a net of  negative 9 2/3 yards for this month.  Needless to say, I am happy with my progress!

2013 Fabric Stash Resolution Status
Goal:  Negative stash yardage
Total yards stashed (+) or used (-):  -8.42
Goal on track?  Yes!


Textile Tuesday – January 2013

It’s Textile Tuesday again!  Oh how fast the months do go.  First things first, though:


You’re my favorite.  <3

And now on to the goodies.  If you recall, I made a New Years resolution to not buy more yards of fabric than I use.  I have since decided that’s not quite stringent enough, and it is thus amended to “I will use MORE yardage than I buy.”  I’m not going to be super specific about what that means, but I need to have a fabric deficit by the end of the year.  At least that’s what the laundry baskets of fabric that don’t fit in my Expedit bookcase tells me.

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