Evenstar Attained

So, it took me pretty much exactly 4 months, but I did it:  I finished my Evenstar Shawl!

Evenstar Shawl

Typically, I’m super procrastinator, but I got this one done a staggering nine months ahead of schedule. Not sure exactly how I’ll use it yet, but for years now I have planned to knit a wedding ring shawl for my wedding day.  This was really the only wedding related item that I had given thought to before Mr. 5 proposed.

A wedding ring shawl is a shawl knit with so fine of thread that it is able to pass through a wedding ring. True wedding ring shawls are much larger, but I’d say this one is close enough. ;)

Evenstar Shawl

Honestly, though, dragging a delicate silk/wool shawl through my engagement ring was not my brightest idea.  I think I got it on and off without too many major snags, but eep!  Kinda had to do it to prove its wedding ring shawl worthiness, though.  ;)

Evenstar Shawl

I picked this pattern because I thought it was pretty, and it wasn’t as grandma-ish as some of the Shetland wool shawls I found.   As it turns out, Evenstar is part of a pretty impressive Lord of The Rings inspired collection.

I used the pretty damn awesome Phoenix from the Gossamer web.  It was quite fine, but super durable.  I would absolutely recommend it, even to a beginner lace knitter!  I didn’t break it at all while I was knitting, but I had some ball winding issues and broke the yarn twice, resulting in three yarn cakes.

Evenstar Shawl

Since the yarn was finer than the pattern called for, I decided to use smaller needles, too.  I started out with a 2.5mm size 2 needle, and when I went to the craft store to buy a longer size 2 circular needle, the only thing I could find was Addi Lace (oh, how I love Addi) needles that were 2.75mm.  At first, I was aggravated by this tiny difference, but really, it was fine.

Because I used a smaller needle, I obviously ended up with a smaller shawl than the pattern typically creates.  I blocked it out to about 4 feet square, but ended up folding and unfolding it before taking this photo, and now it looks to be about 3 1/2 feet in diameter.  Hmm.

Evenstar Shawl

I think it’s still big enough for my purposes, but would’ve used a size 3 needle if I were to do it over again.

Evenstar Shawl

I am definitely not doing it over again.  Or so I tell myself.  That would be crazy, right? Yes, precious, yes.

There was one section of the shawl had pretty much every other stitch twisted and it made me want to scream.  Sure, the end product looks good, but for some reason it’s just way more straining on my fingers/hands/wrists to do those dang twisted stitches.

Evenstar Shawl
The cathedral window-ish bits be the offender.

Other than that, everything was pretty smooth sailing.  Sure, the outer border took a while, but that’s just to be expected when you’re going back and forth over a small number of stitches.

Evenstar Shawl

Overall, I’m very happy with how it turned out, but my favorite part is definitely the flowery sections near the middle.

Evenstar Shawl

Evenstar Shawl

Evenstar Shawl

Evenstar Shawl



26 thoughts on “Evenstar Attained”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. So delicate. Beautiful job Jess. Oh, and maybe if you had fat fingers like me, the shawl would slide through the ring better ;)

  2. That is beautiful. I’m starting to wonder if you don’t sleep at night? How do you get all of these things done? :)

    1. I probably could’ve gotten this done in 1-2 months without sleep… Haha. I feel like I’m slow, compared to other blogs I read. There’s one person I follow who finishes at least 3 garments a week!

  3. That is so simply amazing. I don’t knit at all (well I made a scarf once) and I honestly didn’t realize it was possible to knit something so intricate and beautiful!

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