The Patriot Dress

You saw us all together on Monday in our very patriotic 4th of July get-ups, (if not, lookie here!) but now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about each cheeseball garment.

First up, my dress!  Mr. 5 said something about Wonder Woman when he saw it on me for the first time…

Jalie 3132 dress

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Let There Be Wren

So, it’s been a while since you’ve seen me.  I’ve been around, posting gobs of pictures of my progeny in itty bitty mama-made clothes, but I haven’t been on the blog in me-made-threads since The Final Maternity Dress, about 11 months ago.

Adjusting to my new mom bod has been interesting.  It’s one reason for my absence.  I have a short torso, so my Mr. Cheeks bump had nowhere to go but out, I gained 47 or so pounds during my pregnancy (oops) and my c-section didn’t help with the mom pooch, either.  I’ve lost most of the pregnancy weight, but ye olde midsection will never be the same again. *sad trombone*

I’ve made several things for myself since he was born, but have felt too overwhelmed with life to take photos and post them.  I still feel a bit of that, but there has been a change in the wind lately; a hint that I may be slowly wading out of the new-mom-fog.

And then there was Wren.

Colette Wren

I had all sorts of plans about the things I was going to make for PR Weekend.  But like I talked bout last week, I thought more and did less than I should have.  The Monday before PR Weekend, I posted this on Instagram:

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