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SSS: Weekly Wrap Up Round 3

Here we are at the third Sew Selfless September weekly wrap up!

We have a lovely glasses case from After Dark Sewing:

Easy Beginner Project - A Sunglasses Case

She whipped it up for her manfriend, and bemoaned its simplicity.  I think many guys love simple and this wooly gray/black tweed really hits the spot!

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SSS: Weekly Wrap Up Round 2

Welcome to the second Sew Selfless September weekly wrap up!  Things seem to be slowing down a bit, but there are still a couple of items to share.

Before that, though, I just wanted to say how humbled I am by the response I received to my post about my elimination from the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge 2 competition.  I definitely felt pretty disappointed, but all of your responses more than made up for that and showed me what a loving community of sewists I’m a part of.  You guys are really sweet and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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So, let’s see what’s been goin’ on…

We have another visit from our friend from across the pond at Creative Saturdays, who made a lovely sewing kit for her sister, who is going off to college next week!  Such a transition.

20140914 Sewing kit_bag WordPress Flickr

What a sweet gift from sister to sister!

The best gifts are the ones you didn’t know you wanted, IMO.   :)

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No Dice

So, I got eliminated from the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge 2.

First things first, thank you for your support and all of your kind comments.  :)  I really appreciate it.

I’m a little sad, and it was really an interesting contest to partake in (thanks for picking me, Fabric Mart!), but I’m also happy that now I’ll get to go back to making what I want to make.

Though, it again makes me wish that I had gone the safe route with a knit piece of clothing, because knits are easy to fit and, IMO, provide much more predictable results (and I have a couple of almost TNTs that would’ve worked well).  However, what’s done is done and the complexity of the garment wasn’t taken into account in judging, as far as I know.

I also don’t feel that my garment was the worst fitting (I do know it has some issues), but that’s subjective and I’m just a tad biased, and half of the scores are based on a vote from the general populous, so if you have more readers, you pretty much automatically get a better score.

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2nd Challenge: Make it fit

So, I finished my second garment of Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge 2!  So excited to make it on to round 2!  This week was about making a well-fitting garment.

I made Butterick 5678, which I believe recently went out of print.

Butterick 5678

It looks pretty good from the front

Butterick 5678

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Sew Selfless Sunday: Thread Theory Comox Trunks

So, I got my first Sew Selfless September item finished…

Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks

Thread Theory Comox boxers for Mr. 5!

He declined to model them.  I tried the “how about just an ass shot?” angle with no dice.  It’s OK, I’ll keep that cute butt all to myself.

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