The Sweetest Babe…

After an arduous 42 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy, I finally became this pumpkin’s mama 11 weeks ago:

{d1b97d80-d836-4905-98f6-7ec6329be1a0}_1As a superb primer to parenthood, nothing went as planned with his arrival.  There is no word that describes the situation better than:  clusterfuck.

Now that some time has passed, the trauma has begun to dull (hell, I have started plain forgetting things), but I’d like to share the verbose story of Mr. Baby’s birth with you all.  Sorry, lots o’ words and few photos.  And, in all honesty, a bit dry in parts.

If you are currently pregnant, maybe skip the rest of this post.  Or, if you just don’t want to experience that TMI that inevitably accompanies birth, same to you.  I ain’t holdin’ back, y’all.

Proceed at your own risk.

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