The Almost Tanias

So, I’ve been wanting to try something different for a while now.  I mostly make dresses and tops, and my attempts at pants have been mediocre at best (they, and tailored jackets, are my kryptonite).  And then, while just stumbling around blogland one day, I spotted Tania.  A cute, flirty skirt that is actually shorts and won’t show your business to the world if the wind picks up?  Sign me up.

Almost Tanias

I wanted them.  On ma body.

But, why buy a pattern when I could try to figure it out myself?  There are a few independent pattern companies that I love, and I do my part in supporting them by acquiring their patterns at up to $22 a pop, but this particular one just seemed too fundamentally simple (yet genius; giving credit where credit’s due) for me to shell out for.

And then Pinterest came in.

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