MW’14: The Crisp A-line Skirt

Woohoo, ya’ll!  I’ve got another skirt done.  OK, I got it done last week, but it’s still pretty neat:

BurdaStyle 02/2014 #105

Say hello to my little friend, style number 105 from BurdaStyle magazine’s February 2014 issue.  Or 02/2014 #105 for short.  Does it look a bit nautical to you, or is that just me?

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A Wedding Dress: Butterick 5882

OK, well, it’s not for my wedding…it’s the dress I made to wear to my dear friend C’s wedding!  Had you going there for a sec, didn’t I?

Butterick 5882

The wondrous Butterick 5882, AKA Gertie done good again.

Sewing this dress wasn’t too difficult.  Due to time constraints, I actually got the majority of it done in only two days.  I was fitting the top on the Friday before the wedding (which was on a Friday, so a week before the wedding and 6 days before we were starting our drive), and had a case of the f*ck its, during which I declared to Mr. 5 that I would not be making this dress…I would have to find something else.  I can be good at psyching myself out like that.

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Simplicity 2443

Back to the dress I mentioned last Thursday, which evoked this reaction in me when I was nearly done with it:

Familiar, no?

There is really nothing worse than getting so close to getting a garment finished and then realizing you hate the way you look in it. I glanced over quite a few reviews at Pattern Review and noticed on a couple that people mentioned alternations on the dirndl skirt because the design as-is created a maternal look. I decided, eh, it should be fine – I’ll sew it together as is! And then I also decided to add clear elastic to stabilize the area. Do. Not. Do. Either. Of. These. Things.

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