We Come From the Land of Cheese – July 4th Edition

First off, Happy Independence Day to all of my ‘Merican friends!  Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Monday to everyone else.  :)

Here in Wisconsin, Mr. 5, Cheeks and I celebrated the 4th by going to a cookout thrown by my Ma and Pa (thanks to my dad for taking these photos of our threesome).

We also celebrated in another way…

Cheeseball 4th of July outfits

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Mr. Baby Does Spring: Rolled Hem Romper

And here we are to the one-piece portion of our tour.  Brindille & Twig’s 089: Rolled Hem Romper*  AKA pretty much the closest thing to a dress that society thinks is OK for a male baby.

Brindille & Twig:  Rolled Hem RomperI want to nom him up

Made a size 9-12 month, as I have with all others.  I feel like this one piece is a bit roomier than the other pieces.  Nothing wrong with that for a growin’ boy.

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That’s One Foxy Baby

It’s been a while; sorry about that!  You can imagine (or remember/or are currently experiencing) what having a four month old baby is like.  Lots of cuddles and giggles (and crying), but not a whole lot of time for sewing or blogging.  I’ll take what I can get; he won’t be a squealing, sweet baby forever.

Anywho, thought I’d share the second item I made for the little guy before he was born…the Brindille & Twig Footie Coverall*:

 B&T Footie Coverall #1

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Thank you for all of the love and support in response to Mr. Baby’s birth story.  It is so appreciated, and it is so wonderful to be reminded of what a wonderful community sewists around the world make.

Now, it’s time to move on ahead and get back to the business of sewing!  Well, kind of.  I actually (amazingly) have had time (and energy!) to sew a few things since his birth, but first I’m going to share a couple of things I made for him in preparation for his arrival.  They’ve been FOs for five months or so, but I figured I would wait until after I had a baby to fill them to share.  If you follow me on Instagram, these next couple of posts will be vaguely familiar.

Here’s the second piece of clothing I made for the little guy (I’ll share the first with ya later!).  It’s Brindille & Twig’s Summer Romper.

B&T Summer Romper

If you have babies, toddlers, little kids and don’t know about Brindille and Twig:  you should!  Totally cute and well designed patterns, and some of them go up to size 6T!  So far I’ve purchased half a dozen of them and have been happy with the ones I’ve sewn up.

Full disclosure: those are referral links to B&T; I’ll get a bit o’ gravy to help feed my kiddo pattern addiction if you buy through them.

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