My Tiny Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I don’t usually go all out for V-Day, but this year did make some outfits for the kiddies and cookies for Mr. 5 (And Cheeks.  And me:  who am I kidding?)

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I made a dress! And I’m working on a another big project!

Holy crap, people.

*tap tap.  Tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  Might as well start where we left off:

  •  Thanks all for your comments and commiseration on this offensive situation.  I ended up doing nothing more than publicly shaming the offenders, but it was cathartic and helped me to move on.
  • We bought a new house!  And moved into it.  And I still can’t find my damn Winter coats.  It’s almost December in Wisconsin, so you’d think that’d be a really big problem except…
  • I don’t think those coats were gonna fit this year anyway ’cause we’re expecting baby #2 this Spring!  Wheeeee.  Now that I’m past the first trimester surprise pukes I can finally get on with gads of maternity and baby sewing.  Plus some things for Cheeks, of course.
  • I decided to make a Facebook page as a blog accompaniment!  For those bits and bobs that don’t deserve a whole post.  Kind of anti-climactic after that last bullet point, eh?

And with that all said…onto the belleh.


This dress is a great one:  it’s Simplicity 1469, and is great for both mamas-to-be and mamas-to-new-babies because it has both belly room AND nursing access.  Win-win!  The Simplicity version is out-of-print now, but never fear:  it was a reissue of Megan Nielsen’s Amber dress and top. Continue reading “I made a dress! And I’m working on a another big project!”


Cara Maternity T-riffic

I’ve been working on sewing up a storm for Pattern Review’s Wardrobe contest…and here’s my third garment:  Megan Nielsen’s Cara Maternity T-Shirt (formerly Ruched Maternity Shirt)!

Cara Maternity T-ShirtDare I say…it could be love?  Oh, not just could, it IS love!  I LOVE HOW THIS THING TURNED OUT.

Which is quite the relief after last week’s humpback skirt debacle.  But, I digress.

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