A Tale of Two Blankies and the Uterine Squatter

Hey all!  What’s shakin’?  Not much is going on around here…  Remember how I had one more day until my due date as of my last post on July 13?  Well, I’m still waiting for my little guy to arrive.  More bitching and moaning about that later; time to talk baby blankets now.

I was very fortunate to go through my pregnancy with a buddy, who was due only 2 days after me, and sharing this experience has only made us closer.  She and her hubby joyfully welcomed their sweet, adorable new family member earlier this month, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his arrival than by knitting a blankie for him:

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport

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I alluded to Percy last month, and here he is:

Percy Shawlette

I made this Percy Shawlette, designed by Sanne Kalkman, out of a hank of yarn given to me by my coworker at our company Secret Santa exchange last year. I more than suspect that his crocheter/spinner wife may have had something to do with that. ;)  I would tell you which yarn it is, but I seem to have misplaced (AKA thrown away) the tag.  I can tell you that it’s very soft, and while it’s labeled as lace weight, I would call it a light fingering weight yarn.

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Evenstar Attained

So, it took me pretty much exactly 4 months, but I did it:  I finished my Evenstar Shawl!

Evenstar Shawl

Typically, I’m super procrastinator, but I got this one done a staggering nine months ahead of schedule. Not sure exactly how I’ll use it yet, but for years now I have planned to knit a wedding ring shawl for my wedding day.  This was really the only wedding related item that I had given thought to before Mr. 5 proposed.

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