A Wedding Dress: Butterick 5882

OK, well, it’s not for my wedding…it’s the dress I made to wear to my dear friend C’s wedding!  Had you going there for a sec, didn’t I?

Butterick 5882

The wondrous Butterick 5882, AKA Gertie done good again.

Sewing this dress wasn’t too difficult.  Due to time constraints, I actually got the majority of it done in only two days.  I was fitting the top on the Friday before the wedding (which was on a Friday, so a week before the wedding and 6 days before we were starting our drive), and had a case of the f*ck its, during which I declared to Mr. 5 that I would not be making this dress…I would have to find something else.  I can be good at psyching myself out like that.

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Simplicity 2172 Part One: The Bustier

So, I’m a little pokey with the blogging this month…all of the sewing seems to be taking up my time! It also seems to be taking up all of my brain capacity, (or maybe that’s the raging headache I’m experiencing ATM) so I’m going to keep this one relatively short and sweet.

When I decided to take on sewing Simplicity 2172 for my Halloween costume, I figured that it would be most prudent to make the bustier first since the other pieces needed to fit around it.






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Long Winded Fitting Madness

Hey there again! This past week and weekend has been full of fun…and not so fun. Shall we start with the latter?

I decided weeks ago that I’d like to make a new dress for this past weekend, but I didn’t get started on fitting it until the weekend before (July 14th-ish), and ended up spending the whole week on just that. I am many things, but a procrastinator most of all. Plus, I decided that this dress was going to fit like a dream.

My choice?  McCall’s 6350, a cute little party dress with an adorable bust detail.  I used the straps from View A combined with the shorter 6-gore skirt from views C and D.  This pattern also has the plus of having multi-sized cups (A/B, C or D – I used the D). If you’re not familiar, Big 4 patterns (McCall’s, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue) generally are sized for a B cup, so these cups that don’t require a FBA (full bust adjustment) are quite the treat, fitting-wise! Or are they…?

Let’s start at the end and then visit the beginning:


This thing was a monster to fit – cursing and frustration abounded. I meant to do a “work in progress” post, but fitting this thing was really a time suck and I was on a schedule.

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