The Last of Easter: Baby Jaimesyn

Happy Summer Solstice! Why not read about my last make for Easter (exactly two months ago) whilst enjoying the longest day of the year? In Southern Wisconsin we’re looking at a lovely 15 hours and 22 minutes of daylight: well earned in the dark of Winter.


Also, this is my 250th blog post! Took almost seven years. 😂

Last but not least, here’s Peaches’ dress! Another Baby Jaimesyn by Simple Life Pattern Company. You can see what Cheeks and I wore in these previous posts. I had designs to make daddy a tie, but I ran out of time. Sorry for the short end of the stick, Mr. 5. :(


Little miss with my wonderful Ma

I keep making things a tad big (this is a 12-18 mo, since I wasn’t sure if the 9-12 would be big enough), since I’m so afraid of my kiddos outgrowing the things I make before they can wear them. She’s not completely drowning in it, though, so: works out.


I really should’ve found some shade for the kids to take a photo together in; also, look at all that sibling togetherness! Bahaha


I also used the Violette Field Threads Ruby Diaper Cover (also in 12-18 month, but I generally find that VFT runs at least one size small) to add a little pizazz to her bitty patoot. I’ve made it with ruffles before (for her birthday) but decided to just go plain this time, since it’s not oft seen.


The first iteration I made for her was for Christmas; that one had long sleeves. This time I chose the 3/4 sleeve length…and it does not look right. I’d call this more of a half or a short sleeve. If you want a 3/4 sleeve you should add a couple of inches or so.


As just mentioned, I made a bigger size than she really needed, so these are longer than they’d be in the smaller size that fits best. So then you think: well, maybe she has long arms? Nope. While she was cooking, her arms and legs were so short compared to her overall size that they made me come back for extra ultrasounds to measure her growth. Though you wouldn’t think anything of her limbs looking at her now.


Of course, I keep saying how this is a tad big, but then I look at these photos and really, it fits correctly. Some of these were taken ON Easter and some mid May, since I realized I didn’t get all of the shots I wanted. The ones taken later definitely illustrate how fast these babies grow! From a slightly big garment to a fitting garment. And man, it’s rather difficult to make your very busy baby sit and try to get smiles all whilst taking photos.


Sometimes you even get your foot in the shot and don’t realize it until weeks later. Bahaha.


The fabric is some very cute but very unrefined quilting cotton from Wal-Mart. I fell into the Facebook trap of everyone in a certain indie pattern group lauding these bunnies.




Bunny mania rewarded me with lots of marred fabric; I was very happy I’d bought 3 yards to use between the two kids (plus 1 1/2 yards of polka dot) because I used it all in my quest to avoid super obvious fabric imperfections. That being the reason I used it all is not cool.


On the Peaches front, she’s still hardcore crawling. She’ll stand independently here and there and will take a few steps between things and she cruises along, but at 14 1/2 months still hasn’t decided to take the plunge and walk. Cheeks walked at 13 months (I know, I know, stop comparing them); we’ll see how long she ends up taking! In the meantime, she’ll be handing LoveSmacks out to her daddy and poor Oscar.


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