Baby Girl is ONE

How do you write a blog post to commemorate your sweet baby girl, your last baby of all, turning ONE?!


The first step is to avoid it because:  all the feels.  And maybe if you avoid it, it won’t happen.  She won’t grow so dang quickly (heck, that goes for both of the babies).  But no, time marches on and the biggest hope of all is that she will grow into a wonderful young woman.

This last year was faster than I could’ve imagined.  It was hard in the beginning; after Cheeks’s tumultuous entry to the world I made the decision, albeit with much hand wringing, to opt for Peaches’s planned removal via the escape hatch.

But enough about me…this is about Peaches and her FIRST BIRTHDAY!  I can’t believe she’s a year old this week! *insert cliche about time moving way too damn fast*


I knew she needed a special dress, ’cause:  duh.  I decided upon Violette Field Threads Baby Isobel with their Ruby Diaper Cover for booty coverage.  Also, kudos to her for gracefully dealing with this horn.


The choice was not without some hemming and hawing on my part, as we live in Wisconsin and just because the calendar says Spring doesn’t mean the weather will agree with that notion.  There is no full coverage sleeve option with this pattern:  it’s just flutter or nothin’.


She was fine with just flutter sleeves for her party, but after taking some of these outdoor photos I noted the temperature:  37!  Holy crap.  She didn’t even shiver…that’s my Wisco gal.


I used the double skirt option (including a gathered ruffle on the underskirt) with optional side ties.  The side panels seemed a little short so I made them 3/4″ taller (the pattern says you can go up to 1″ taller) for just a wee bit more coverage.


I had a lot of trouble sewing the flutters on the last VFT pattern I made for her:  the shoulder straps on Pearl were just TOO narrow to be able to pull the flutters through after burrito-ing, so I had to rip them out and slip stitch closed after turning right side out.  What a PITA.  Thankfully there was none of that trouble here!  I’m guessing a combination of a wider shoulder clearance and the more delicate cotton voile for half of the flutter.

The thing that surprised me the most about this dress is that it’s sort of a backward wrap dress.


Speaking of the back, check out these sweet etched floral buttons I picked up at JoAnn!



Mr. 5 was all “you don’t have any buttons?” well, yeah, but not for THIS dress.  I need some really PRETTY buttons for this dress.  Says the lady who has publicly decreed she more or less doesn’t care about buttons.  FICKLE.


Anywho, since the back buttoned closure is double breasted (read:  large overlap) you don’t get too much bum exposure, even for a crawler…


…which is a good but at the same time sadly hides the cuteness of the ruffly-butted diaper cover.


This is the regular rise (AKA not high rise) version of Ruby.  Barely covers the top of a disposable diaper, so you may want to think about going high rise if you want full diaper coverage.


I always fuss about getting ruffles to be even; I mark the halfway and then quarter points on both the ruffle and the surface I’m ruffling to, sew two to three lines of gathering stitches and usually have good results.  I have a couple of ruffling feet:  one for my serger (Babylock) and another for my sewing machine (Pfaff with IDT), but I can’t seem to get them to ruffle my fabrics enough.  Have any tips for me?


These were pretty dang straight forward.  The only thing I found odd finishing wise was also the thing that made these super easy:  instead of sewing up the whole diaper cover and then creating the channels for the elastic and threading it through, you sew everything but the side seams, thread the elastic in whilst flat, and then sew up the sides.  Makes for some unsightly unfinished edges at the top and bottom, but is a lot less of a bother overall.  To help things look a bit nicer, I tucked the edges in and down and serged the edge, threading the tails back through.


I used this Art Gallery voile that I happened to randomly spot at my local fabric store, The Electric Needle.  It was the place I’d purchased my Pfaff, but they’d moved to a new location and had exponentially expanded their merchandise, including a wonderful room of well edited apparel fabrics.  Can you say hallelujah?  Hallelujah!  I took a spin around the shop after dropping my machine off for service, and ended up returning a couple of days later to get the fabric, which I could not shake from my noggin.


The coordinate is a quilting cotton from Antoinette’s Quilt Shop.  I chose it to pick up the pale pink in the contours of the unicorns, but it’s decidedly a tad more purple than those contours.  It seemed like a pretty perfect match in the store, but it was also dark outside when acquired and often artificial vs. natural lighting makes all the difference when it comes to matching.  I’m still happy with the choice, though.


Peaches is pretty average to slightly less than for her age height and weight-wise, (so unlike her big bro as a baby, who was just a puddin’ pop pudgeball) and is currently wearing 9 month (Carter’s) and 6-12 month (Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree) in ready to wear.  I expect she’ll probably be onto the next size in about a month.

I made a size 12-18 month and it fits her with just a smidge of room to spare.  Based on the size chart she should be in a 6-12 month, but there is also only 1/2″  (HALF. AN. INCH.) of wearing ease built in this.  I can’t even.


Babies are squishy; I’ve measured her sitting up and laying down and there’s at least an inch difference between those two measurements, so only accounting for 1/2″ of wearing ease (for ANYONE, much less bitty squishes, with a pattern meant for woven fabrics) blows my mind.  The lesson I’m continuing to learn from my experience with this designer’s patterns:  SIZE UP.


Overall, I’m delighted with how her birthday outfit turned out.  She is just a sweet little frosted unicorn cupcake in this thing.


Speaking of unicorns, I also made this for cake time.


Found a unicorn head silhouette I liked online, inserted the “one” and cut some rose gold Siser EasyWeed using my Silhouette Cameo.  Easy peasy!


I used Sue Kim’s Jordan Baby T-Strap pattern to make her shoes, which I picked up at one of Makerist’s fab $2 sales (but I’d pay the full $4.75).  They aren’t my best work, and the call for interfacing is “optional” but I would definitely say use interfacing…or you get these crinkly little shoes when worn.


Marking the stitching lines is what kept me sane with the tiny curves involved and for a first try I’m fairly pleased.  The one thing I didn’t think through, and didn’t see stressed in the directions, was to make sure you sew the inner curve of the show to the correct side of the upper.  I just kinda did whatever and ended up with the snaps (metal open ring KamSnaps) of the shoes on the inside instead of the outside (AKA the usual).


I used a random silver faux leather I got from many moons ago, and lined with the pale purple quilting cotton used in her dress.  The pleather was intended to be a clutch, but these shoes take so little yardage (not even 1/8 yd) that I’m betting I still have enough to make that, too.  You know, if I ever get around to it.

Her bitty little feet measure 4″ without weight on them (I could not for the life of me get her to put weight on her feet exactly where I wanted to measure, though I could’ve just had her stand on paper and drawn lines at the heel and toe) and this size 3 is a pretty perfect fit.


And now, just to get them in…some flat lays!  ‘Cause all of this frothy frosting needs to turn into a 40+ photo post…ha.


Here’s to you, my sweet and silly unicorn girl.


You are so, so special and we love you with our whole hearts, to the moon and back again (your bro would approve of this message).


Your laugh is best described as a cackle, you enjoy a good growl, you yell when I’m eating bread and you’re not.


You love your puppy, your brother, and baths.  I could go on and on.


clone tag: 6801952106122516415

You are so loved.


I’m so glad to be your mama.


Happy Birthday, my sweet one.

7 thoughts on “Baby Girl is ONE”

  1. Beautiful, you did an amazing job. Oh and how that sweet precious time flys. Enjoy every minute. I really enjoy reading about your beautiful family. Keep up the great sewing. Happy Birthday to your princess.

  2. SHE IS SO CUTE!!! How can you even stand it?! Her button nose!! She literally has a button nose!!!! :-D

    You did an AMAZING job on the outfit! All of the details are just perfect…down to the shoes and horn.

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