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On 2018, 2019 and Fabric


Oh how you crawled then flew by; the former not unlike our youngest, Peaches, who is now 9 months old (!!!) and creeping like a champ.  Cheeks is almost 3 1/2.  Whoa.

Cheeks and Peaches
Photo by Irish Lane Photography

There is so much I was still able to create whilst learning the ropes of caring for two wee ones, but I favored creating over documentation.  That said, I posted way more on Instagram and Facebook than I did here.  That’s likely to continue, but hoping to post more of the nitty gritty details of my makes here with more regularity.

I plan to still post the most significant of those makes, especially my Christmas projects, likely as Throwback Thursdays:  a very helpful facility when your makes from the old year blow over into the New Year.  :P

I usually write a post showing everything I’ve made in the previous year…but if it hasn’t been blogged, that’s kind of hard to do.  And honestly, the idea of a compilation post is overwhelming to me at the moment, so either it will happen later or not at all.


Happy New Year!

I’ve never been great with goal setting, but have realized more and more that when you don’t set any goals, there’s no benchmark to monitor progress.  As a person who responds well to rules and limits, I need that benchmark!

So, what are my goals for this year?

  • I want to enjoy sewing.  A nice and vague goal there.  I don’t want to overly stress myself with deadlines, but I do have plans to make items that are meant for certain days (holidays and birthdays).  So, I will plan to do my best to start earlyAs an always procrastinator, this is basically a challenge for my entire life.  Something I will spend the next however many years I’m blessed with on this Earth attempting to master.As a random note on my personality, I will also likely spend the rest of my life trying not to be butt hurt and obsess about dumb shit that doesn’t matter.  I’ve thought this particular immaturity of mine is a sign of the age of my soul:  pretty sure I need a few more reincarnations to evolve past it.

  • I want to sew with a plan:  AKA Make Nine (well, 18)I am going to make TWO “Make Nine” sewing plans:  one for me and one for my family.  I am going to commit myself to sewing up at least 18 planned garments in 2019.
  • I want to use my time more wisely.  Time is one thing that we can’t make or get more of, and I feel like I’ve been wasting mine lately.  I want to commit to being present during whatever activity I’ve chosen.  I want to spend time with my husband and play hard with my kiddos, who will only be little for so long.  I want to sew in the evenings instead of sleeping on the couch.  I want to sneak in 5 or 10 minutes of stitching when I can.  I want to go all in when it’s time to “get it done” whatever it is, but I want to be still and relax when I’ve had too much.  Lofty goals here.  Things I don’t know if I can achieve, and things I definitely can’t measure.  I want to be purposeful.
  • I want to organize and declutter.  This is as much about my sewing space as it is about the rest of our home.  I come from a line of “collectors” and it’s time to let go of some of those things.  To let go of some of the physical things that only add to my anxiety instead of adding to my happiness.  And this brings me to my biggest tangible goal of 2019…


We moved to a new, bigger house last year, but my sewing room got smaller and I wasn’t able to fit all of my fabric in that one room any longer.  I finally got my shit together in the last couple of months and organized it all so I could actually *find* what I’m looking for, and in the process was able to finally able to see the mass of my stash as a clear picture in its entirety.

I have 1 four drawer dresser and about 20 (TWENTY) 66 qt Sterilite totes filled with fabric.  I have noted the disapproving glances from my husband when fabric deliveries arrive (because:  more stuff), but I never truly realized until lately how much storing all of this fabric gives me anxiety.

So, for 2019 I shall sew from stash in 2019 and purchase no new fabric outside of these pressure valve release conditions (because I know me and going cold turkey will not work):

  • I may purchase 1-2 cuts in celebration of my birthday (which is next month!).  I do not have to purchase them in my birthday month (I’m eyeing some out of stock fabric at the moment…haaa).
  • I may purchase 1-2 extra cuts each time I write a post for Fabric Mart (I <3 their fabric so).
  • I may purchase any fabric needed to complete a garment currently in progress, but the majority of fabric must come from my stash.
  • I may purchase one cut for every 20 yards sewn from stash (fabrics acquired in 2019 do not apply toward this 20 yard minimum).
  • I may purchase fabric for one Christmas outfit and one set of matching pajamas for each family member come November.

Think I can do it?  I hope so.  Here’s to turning those 20 totes into 19.  Or hell, even 18.

Wanna fabric fast with me?


8 thoughts on “On 2018, 2019 and Fabric”

  1. I found the Stash Shrinker spreadsheet from SewJourner helpful and have been trying to sew from stash myself. Its a great idea to use those resources.

    1. I love this! Thanks so much for recommending. I did keep an in/out spreadsheet the last time I tried to reduce my stash, but it was much more rudimentary. I may switch to using this instead of all of my silly rules.

  2. Look at those babies!
    I hear you on all of the personal goals – for sure. It’s so easy to get lost in mundane “stuff”…I vow to be more focused and more present this year too ❤
    I think a lot of us are going through this "holy shit" phase of realizing how expansive our stashes really are. I had to think back to the last 8-9 months or so out of the year and the fabrics I HAD TO HAVE!!! And then to realize that since moving in July, I've *barely* accessed my (still unorganized) stash. I've been sewing the newer stuff. Le sigh.

  3. I believe in you! You can do it. Good luck with your goals for the new year!

    I’m right there with you in having enough fabric around that it’s making me anxious; having to move all of it to the attic ahead of some remodeling really heightened those feelings. (Luckily my storage area got bigger rather than smaller with that move, but that didn’t stop me from needing to buy more tubs to hold yarn. Shame! Shame!) I need to be serious about limiting buying severely this year, destashing fabrics that are no longer my taste, and just sewing from stash.

    1. Destashing what is no longer my taste is so weirdly hard for me. I’m always finding a reason to keep those fabrics…I mostly tell myself I’ll use them for muslins but then never do.

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