End of Year Plans!

It’s been eons since I’ve done a planning post, and I have so many ideas rolling around in my head that I thought it was high time for another!

We have lots of fun stuff coming up as the year comes to an end, so I have quite the sewing schedule planned.  I’ll have a chance of getting a good portion of it done if I actually sew after the kids go to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch…we’ll see what I finish!  Here they are in order of priority:

1.  Christmas dress #1 for Peaches

Simple Life Pattern Co Baby Aria


Simple Life Pattern Co Baby Jaimesyn


Yeah, that’s right, I changed her blog name.  Cheeks and Peaches sounds more fun than Cheeks and Cupcake, plus they both have that “ch” sound.  Ha.

We’re having a photo mini session mid November and I’m basing our family’s wardrobe around a really cute Lands’ End holiday sweater I bought for Cheeks this Summer at their warehouse sale (I live a mere half an hour from their headquarters!).

I’m still undecided which one I’ll make first, but plan to finish both for her as Christmas dresses.  The first photo is Baby Aria and the second is Baby Jaimesyn.  Fabric for Aria will be the gorgeous Peek-A-Boo Fabrics Christmas Floral* cotton Lycra jersey, with some red cotton Lycra jersey (or would green be better??) bows in the back, and I hope to snag some of the snowflake fabric for one part of Jaimesyn, but hope to use a total of 3 fabrics as shown.

2.  Dress or tunic for me


Love Notions Whister
Love Notions Whistler

I’m considering either the Pattern Review Claire Wrap Dress (sans collar) or Love Notions Whistler (previous post here) for our photos, depending how casual I want to get and what ends up looking good with the sweater I ordered for Mr. 5. Fabric is still TBD as I figure out what will go best with everyone else.

Figuring these pieces out has been (crafting-wise) weighing on my mind heavily at the moment.  It’s funny to me that I get so stressed out about coordinating outfits for photos; seems like something I should like!

3.  Peaches’s Christmas stocking

This one is a definite MUST before I start decorating for Christmas, which will be sometime between Black Friday and December 1st.  I copied these stockings after an American Girl stocking I had on hand and I keep losing the “pattern” so I’m gonna have to trace it out again.  You can see my previous post about all of that here.

4.  Secret Gifting To Do items

I have three things to sew up as a gift; they’re actually already cut but I have yet to get them to the sewing room.  I’m actually unsure if the recipient reads my blog, but better safe than sorry when it comes to publicly posting about surprises.  :)

4.  Peek-A-Boo Christmas Tops

Jalie Nico



Jalie 3245
Jalie 3245



I pre-ordered these really fun deer panels from Peek-A-Boo Fabrics (Round 34*) and plan to make Jalie Nico for the guys (previous post here) and likely a Jalie 3245 (previous post here) tunic for me (except it only comes with 3/4 sleeves which seems like a bad time in December in the Midwest; has anyone successfully grabbed a sleeve off of another pattern for this one?).  I didn’t get a panel for Peaches because she’s literally too small for one, which would end up looking silly, but the Aria Christmas dress is the same fabric as I’m using for the sleeves of mine.

The panel will obviously be used for the fronts, and the sleeve fabric is underneath each panel.  For the backs I plan to use plain black cotton Lycra jersey for Mr. 5 and Cheeks and a maroon cotton Lycra jersey for mine.

5.  Christmas PJs for the wee ones



Christmas PJsB&T 43:  Footie Coverall


I bought a bunch of the fabric (the JoAnn Doodles thermal cotton/poly/lycra in that last photo) I used for Christmas PJs last year so I don’t have to make everyone new duds; just the kids!  Though, mine was a maternity shirt, so I either will un-maternity it or just wear it again as is.

I plan to try my first go at Jalie 3244 for Cheeks, and may also use it for Peaches since she’s almost fitting into the smallest size, but will likely use the B&T Footie Coverall as I have for Cheeks and Peaches in the past (posts 1 2 3).

6. Christmas dress #2 for Peaches (see #1 of list)

This is last in this particular list because even if I fall short, she’ll still have one mama made Christmas dress!

* * * * *

That’s 12 garments/items I hope to complete before December 24th.  I actually have way more than this on my very optimistic list, but if I’m being realistic I don’t think the others will happen.

As it stands I have 6 weeks and 3 days of sewing time left, or need to average 3.75 days  per item.  Think I can hack it?  History says no, but dangit I’m gonna try my hardest.

*If you purchase through this link I’ll receive a small affiliate kickback


4 thoughts on “End of Year Plans!”

  1. Oh my word I am tired out just reading this list! :-D I love the green bows idea with that floral–it will be the perfect “pop!” of color to set off the floral. Good luck with all your holiday sewing ambitions! Stockings are something I’d like to make for my nieces and nephews (and myself and my husband) at some point, but now some of them are hitting double digit ages and I’m thinking Crazy Aunt Abbey may have missed the boat on that one. ;-) (And also…it’s haaaaaaard to sew stuff that isn’t all about MEEEEEEE, lol.)

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