The Birthday Dress!

…OK and it was also my Christmas dress.  ‘Cause preggo don’t need two fancy dresses (this is the Midwest after all).


I’m a little late on posting this.  JUST A TAD.  Took these photos on my birthday, which was FOUR weeks ago.  The bump seemed giant then and continues on its quest for world domination.

World. Domination.


This is the Deer & Doe Givre:  Maternity Edition.  I totally eyed this pattern when I got pregnant, then spotted that they had a regular/maternity bundle AND scored a Black Friday discount on top of the bundle price (NAYY).  So, yeah, I kind of had to buy it.  Riiiight?


My only beef is that I really like buying paper patterns:  I will even pay to have them shipped from France, but the maternity Givre was PDF only.  Thank goodness for ’cause mama ain’t up on all of that cutting and taping (unless forced.  I’ll do it:  begrudgingly).


I really like Deer & Doe in general because they fit me pretty well; they’re drafted for a D cup (I think?  At least C) and I have to make minimal bust adjustments.  Though, in a knit pattern like this I usually just fudge and pray, and things usually turn out OK.


Because I have expanded just a tad in the last months, I used a size 44 for the bust/waist and a 42 for the shoulders/hips in the 6-9 month belly size (I was about 5 months along when I finished this in December, but with my short torso I have a fairly “showy” baby belly so decided to just go for the roomier size range, and glad I did!).  I’m usually a 40-42 in Deer & Doe.  The shoulders and bust fit pretty well, but you can see there’s some strain in the lower back, and I definitely should have kept on with a size 44 for the hips, as this dress rides up like a mother.


The only addition I made to the dress was some coverstitching on the black portion of the colorblocking.  I could’ve done without, but felt like it laid just a bit nicer with.  Please excuse all of the hair.  I’d like to blame the dog, but it’s mine.


As for fabric, I’m really happy with how these worked together and with the pattern:  wonderful stretch and recovery.  They’re both from Fabric Mart:  got the velvet in December (and wish I had ordered at least 2 more yards of it because it rocks my socks) and the black is a not-itchy-at-all wool/spandex double knit that I picked up 2 or 3 years ago.


Besides the ride-up factor mentioned previously, which is my own damn fault, I’m pretty dang stoked about this frock.  Thumbs up, Deer & Doe!


So, what’s up from here?  I’m due in less than two months and am putting the brakes on maternity sewing.  From now on I’m setting my sights on nursing wear, baby clothes and:  a couple of quilts!

Thankfully, by the grace of my wonderful hubby, I’m away at a UFO (unfinished object, if ya didn’t know) retreat this weekend, and should hopefully make good headway on a few projects!  If you wanna see what I’m up to, I’ll likely post a few sneak peeks on Instagram.


12 thoughts on “The Birthday Dress!”

  1. This is really pretty! Suits you to a tee – I’m a huge Deer & Doe fan too and right there with you re PDF! YUCK. I do it but ONLY if it’s the ONLY option – and I too take it to a printer (local) for a large size print-out whenever possible.

    People who say, “I like PDF” really astound me.

    I want to ask, “Do you like sewing???”

    Because if you LIKE sewing how can you not resent the time suck of printing, cutting, pasting, tracing a pattern when you can order one in a package that includes lovely instructions and the full pattern all there for you to cut out and get to work?

    I read this blog once where the woman said, “PDF is the wave of the future. Printed patterns will be a thing of the past soon.” I was appalled. That better not be so or I will just not buy anymore!

    Sorry about the rant :) I was so overcome to finally meet someone who is on the same page as me :)

      1. PDF Plotting it great! If the designer offers an A0 format, which sadly they don’t all. Thankfully, Deer & Doe does, and I decided I just couldn’t spend the time printing a million sheets of paper and taping them together and DID order a print of this pattern from themselves!

    1. SAME!!! I always give a bit of a side-eye. Not “I love the convenience of PDF” because after all, we’re global. But to say you actually like PDF patterns?! But why? HOW? lol!!!

      1. RIGHT! Yeah, I can totally see if you want your pattern NOW how PDFs have that convenience factor, but I can’t be bothered to have that amount of urgency in my sewing. I’d rather just wait for the slow boat with my printed materials. :P

    2. Sing it, Kathleen! BAH PDFs. And bahaha “do you like sewing?” They’re like piecing a puzzle together. I don’t have time for the BS (unless forced). And here’s another hope that printed patterns keep on living…’cause this taping/pasting crap is for the birds.

  2. I had no idea Deer & Doe designed for D/C cups!! I may need to finally pull the trigger on some of their patterns I’ve been eyeing :-)
    P.S. This dress is fantastic and looks fantastic on you!!

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