Maternity Plans

Thanks for your kind words on my dress!  Another month has flown by, and I thought it was high time that I shared my plans for maternity sewing.

I don’t plan to go too crazy, since I’m almost six months pregnant (whoa…when did that happen?) and there’ll be limited longevity to these garments, but there are still a few things on my list before I start sewing for Ms. Baby!

A long sleeved Megan Nielsen Cara

Cara Maternity T-Shirt

I made one of these when I was pregnant with Cheeks and really liked it, and also recently made a long sleeved Christmas version (matching family PJs:  the guys each got one, too!).  This particular iteration will be in a mint thermal wool jersey that I recently picked up from Fabric Mart (which was a bit hard to photograph):


Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs with Maternity Add-On IMG_5263 Another I’ve made before, sans the maternity option.  Planning to use this double brushed poly spandex from Fabric Mart and use a cotton lycra for the panel:


Except that I get major sweaty crotch with DBP; I LOVE how soft these fabrics are but breathability is nil.  May continue considering fabrication for this puppy…

Love Notions Whistler Tunic

Love Notions Whister

OK, so I’ve basically already made most of these I’m planning on.  I don’t have enough brain cells left to try too many new patterns (except for my Christmas/Birthday dress, which I love and will share closer to my birthday, mid January!).

Some instances of my preggo brain:

  • I ate a piece of chocolate and had no recollection:  the only reminder was an empty wrapper on my desk
  • I  poured half and half into my water instead of my coffee
  • I joked about leaving a pastry on the roof of my car that I’d set there temporarily (we’re talking like 2 minutes)…AND THEN LEFT IT THERE AS I DROVE AWAY.

Baby zombie eat my brain.  Om nom nom.

ANYWAY:  Still figuring out the fabric for this one; am pondering a charcoal sweater knit I bought from JoAnn, but don’t think it has enough vertical stretch to easily put this one together (as I found out last time, the curves get a bit tricky without some vertical give).


I’ve pondered using another wool knit for this, but do not want to sacrifice too many of my precious wool knit cuts to the baby bump gods.  Another possibility is this pretty luscious modal double knit (though, seeing the lint already gives me pause).


I’m planning on using the tunic version with the gathered midsection for a bit more belleh room, which is also making the sweater knit look like a slightly less attractive choice.  Still waffling on shawl collar vs. hood.

Simplicity 1469 AKA Megan Nielsen Amber Top

Simplicity 1469

Yup, broken record here.  This one is just fab for both maternity and nursing, as I have waxed poetically about ad nauseum here, here and here.  I really like this one, folks.  And so, I shall make at least one more top iteration (my fourth time using the pattern), likely short sleeved so it’ll also be wearable in warmer weather.  That’s what cardigans are for, riiiight?

Fabric for this one will likely be one of these pre-cuts I’ve been hoarding since Fall:

Untitled Untitled

Jalie 3677: Helene Cardigan

property of Jalie

OK, so this one isn’t maternity, but I want to make it before I expel a human from my body.  And really, aren’t all cardigans kind of maternity wear?  I got this pattern from the lovely Émilie herself at PRW2017 in NYC.  I also found some really awesome double knit at Mood for it, but need to double check that it has the right amount of stretch before I start:


Jalie 3131 Camisole

property of Jalie

Last but not least…in fact, this is probably the most ambitious make of all:  a bitchin’ nursing cami.  The pattern looks pretty good as drafted, but I feel like I can make it better.  My plans are for a more supportive nursing cami, similar to Glamourmom’s design (I have 3 of their full bust tanks and love them, but they’re rightfully pricey and I want mooooore).  This one will be a test of my remaining brain power as I try to suss out Jalie’s design to be more Glamourmom-like; a cami that’s supportive both while nursing and not, and easy to latch again with only one hand.

Fabric for this one?  Not sure yet; but something on the order of a medium to heavier cotton/lycra jersey.  This one is a possibility (and I have similar in gray, too) but might be almost a bit TOO heavy.


Amongst all of these projects, I also have a surprise garment I’m working on for Fabric Mart.  That one is also maternity appropriate and will be posted in late January.  Whee!

So those are my maternity plans:  looking at them makes me feel a little tired (eyes, meet stomach.  You guys should really get better acquainted one of these days) but here’s hoping I can achieve at least 2/3 of them!  It definitely makes it easier when I’ve sewn them before, or at least I’m banking on that notion.  ;)


4 thoughts on “Maternity Plans”

    1. Thanks Nicki. :) I spent my last year of college in NYC, so I frequented Mood pretty often, but Swatch either wasn’t born yet or I wasn’t aware of him. The visit this year was on a weekend and apparently he only hangs out on weekdays, so we didn’t see him. So, to answer your question: I’ve never met him!

  1. Very nice!! It’s smart to pick patterns you’ve used before :-)
    Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve done all of your preggo brain “instances” without the excuse of growing a tiny human…. especially the chocolate one!!

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