It’s July! Summer Updates

I’ve been gone for a spell; ah, the ebb and flow which is my blogging.  I’m either on it and posting every week, or *poof* gone.  Well, we’ve been a bit busy since I last posted in June!

So, what’s up, Buttercup?

After three months of looking for a new house, we put in our fourth offer and it finally stuck!  FINALLY!  I’d say I’m probably most excited about this at the moment…


Amidst this craziness, I was lucky enough to be able to attend PR Weekend and got to meet and room with the delightful Meigan of Get My Stitch On.  <3

Talk about a room with a view!

IMG_7427 IMG_7463
IMG_7474 IMG_7477
Where the PR Weekend panel took place

Mood, natch

My alma mater!

Look at this awesome haul!


Oh, and I won fourth place in the travel accessory contest for this bag!  I tied with the amazing Kyle.


I was the (highly distracted) contest manager for the Sewing with Lace contest on Pattern Review.

After returning from NYC, we put half of our shit in a POD, listed our house for sale and had an accepted offer within 3 days.

IMG_7541 IMG_7560

After a litany of the usual real estate annoyances (both buying and selling) we’re set to close on both properties at the end of the month!

Understandably, I haven’t had a lot of time to sew, but have gotten a couple of things done in this time span, including a dress for PR Weekend that I never wore (ha!), three new casual dresses (one is a dud, one’s a tad big, and the other needs some tweaks.  OY!  C’mon sewjo, work for me), and an outfit for Cheeks that will debut for Fabric Mart later this month.  Not bad!

I’ll post the dresses sometime…probably.  Ha…

WHEW.  So, that’s life in our household since late May.

What’s next? 

Moving!  NEXT WEEK!!!  Setting up a new home and a new sewing room.  Getting used to our new surroundings.  It’s very strange and bittersweet to move on from our current home, the house I purchased as a single woman, but will be leaving with my sweet little family.

Life is crazy and beautiful and the only constant is that things change.

Also planned is a tentative trip to IKEA to furnish our new house!  Mmm IKEA…

But…SEWING.  Back to sewing.  Always and forever back. to. sewing.

Speaking of sewing, I’m destashing some indie patterns!  Check them out on my Instagram.


Here are the things I would ideally like to make by the end of August (with the exception of the first plan), since I really should switch gears and focus on Winter garments come September.

Will I have time for all of these?  Likely not!  Dreamin’ is half of the fun, no?

Radio Way Quilt – Queen


I saw this pattern at my SIL J’s mom’s quilt shop (Antoinette’s Quilt Shop) when I attended their retreat back in February.  I was so annoyed with the quilt I’d just finished (The Christmas Quilt) and loved the simplicity of this one.  I think it’ll make a really great every day quilt for our bed. I’ll be using these awesome Kaufman Paintbox jelly rolls that I picked up whilst at the shop, with white as the contrast (per the patter photo above).


This will be a longer project, but I’d like to at least get it cut and start sewing on it here and there.

Vogue 1395


This Rebecca Taylor dress has been on my list for far too long.  I have some super delicious (in both feel and appearance; it’s even more substantial and smooth than usual!) rayon challis from Fabric Mart.

Pineapple Slices Rayon Challis

Deer & Doe Reglisse


This one slipped under my radar for a while, but I’ll have it in my hot little hands shortly.  I’m planning on the faux button closure and thinking either a nice cotton lawn or voile, or perhaps a rayon challis.

Jalie Eleonore


Hoping to make a cropped pair from either a floral stretch denim I got from or the navy and white stretch cotton sateen I got from Kashi at Metro Textiles in NYC (pictured in the upper right of my NYC haul)!

Mississippi Avenue Top

MS Ave

I’ve talked about this one a few times now, but have not gotten around to making it.  I’ll be starting with a top as a wearable muslin before I head on to dress-land.  Planning to use the rayon challis (is there an echo in here?) leftovers from my Deer & Doe Centauree.

And so, those are my plans through August, but you never know when something shiny will catch your eye!  Wish us luck as we pack; I think we’re gonna need it!


4 thoughts on “It’s July! Summer Updates”

  1. Arghhh your description of your pineapple challis is making me regret passing up other prints from that designer during their 50% off challis deal last week. (I was pissy because they were all narrow, LOL.) I’m sure it will make a lovely version of that Rebecca Taylor dress!

    BEST OF LUCK to your family with the move and the closings! I hope everything goes smoothly for you all, and that any twinges of sadness over leaving your current home are far outweighed by the joy and excitement you all will have as you settle into your next one. <3

    1. I bought it during the pyramid sale for 60% off! I also narrowed the eyes at the narrow width, but I’d liken the surface to polished cotton or sateen and it the way it hangs is just lovely. They have some of the Tori Richard challis left; there’s always next sale!

      Thank you for the moving well wishes! We’re gonna need ’em, especially as we pack. :D

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