Me Made May ’17: The First Half

We’re already halfway through May!  So crazy.  Thought I’d do a couple of compilation posts to show what I’ve been wearing, since not everyone is on Instagram.

Here’s May 1st through 15th:

Day One

1st 1stb

31 days of wearing at least one thing I’ve made every day! #mmmay17 It’s cold and rainy in Wisco today, so indoor pic it is. Dress is Cake Patterns Tiramisu, which is #unblogged and made in a day when I was about a size smaller, but yeah knits! Leggings are @patternsforpirates Peg Legs (blog post). The wee one is my best me made yet: we call him Cheeks. Fabrics are from @fabricdotcom

Day Two


Tunic is @jalie_patterns 3245 (blogged here), made from a @fabricmart pre-cut rayon jersey. In background: my super hot #momcar.

Day Three


Double dose of @jalie_patterns with #jalie3352 dolman top and #jalie3461 AKA #jalieeleonore. Bonus: just blogged these today! (Blogged here) Dolman fabric from @girlcharlee

Day Four


Quite the questionable ensemble I concocted this morning. Dress is @simplicity_creative_group #simplicity2443 (blogged here)and leggings are @patternsforpirates #peglegs. (unblogged)

Day Five


Skirt is @mccallpatterncompany #mccalls6966 in @girlcharlee rayon blend jersey (unblogged). Cropped cardigan is a @simplicity_creative_group #burda envelope pattern I can’t recall the number of (unblogged, but it’s Burda 7107 and I made it out of ponte for some damn reason; don’t do it.  Must be lighter and stretchier!).

Day Six


@jalie_patterns #jalie3243 pull on pants in flannel (unblogged). My favorite pattern for PJ pants. I put almost all of my winter sleepwear away when it got to 70 a few weeks ago, but it’s been cool ever since.

Day Seven


@colettepatterns #colettemyrtle (blogged here) in rayon spandex jersey from @fabricmart Just gorgeous out today. ☺️

Day Eight


I had intended to wear something else but it was still damp after washing yesterday. Today I’m wearing @patternsforpirates #peglegs (unblogged) and hiking up my #lularoe from @lularoeshandafrydenlund Julia so you can see the ombre of the @girlcharlee fabric. Speaking of which, I happened to write a blog post this weekend on patterns to use to DIY your own LuLaRoe look-alikes. (blog post here).

Day Nine


@sewaholic #minorujacket My FIRST EVER coat, which I completed last month and blogged today (blogged here).

Day Ten


It’s crappy and raining this afternoon. It was supposed to be 70 today, so I shaved my legs. Wearing @simplicity_creative_group #simplicity1877 dress (blogged here) with @jalie_patterns Drop Pocket Cardigan #jalie3248 (blogged here) I got both the rayon challis (in 2013) and wool jersey (in 2016) from @fabricmart

Day Eleven


@simplicity_creative_group #simplicity2369 dress. Blogged it today! (blog post here)

Day Twelve


GORGEOUS out this afternoon. Thatagal, Wisco! Wearing a #burda6911 envelope pattern (unblogged) @simplicity_creative_group today (yeah, it’s the same cardi as yesterday; IDGAF!) Also, spot my favorite pink haired neighbor walking by in the background. She wears the cutest clothes! Maybe I’ll actually say hi someday…

Day Thirteen


@mccallpatterncompany #mccalls6559 (blogged here) in an ITY knit from @fabricmart It’s so nice today I almost don’t need the cardigan.

Day Fourteen

14th a
14th b

Happy Mother’s Day! Wearing #colettetruffle @colettepatterns (Unblogged; made another dress with this pattern, though:  blog post here) made from a poly woven I picked up at @fabricmart long ago.

Day Fifteen

Untitled Untitled

I didn’t realize how ginormous my boobs looked when I put this @kitschycoo Lady Skater on this morning. I made it for our honeymoon (3 years ago) and was a bit smaller then. Has a invisible zippered pocket in the waist seam; big enough for a passport! Fabric from


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