Throwback Thursday: Simplicity 2369

Been a few weeks, but here we are with more THROWBACK THURSDAY!  Today is a pattern I love and have made twice (but haven’t blogged until now).  I always think about making more, but then get distracted by another new pretty pattern.

Anywho, here it is:  Simplicity 2369


This purty dress got lots of wear at weddings last year.


I wore it both to my SIL’s wedding, and to my coworker’s wedding.  Here’s some action pics from those festivities!




I don’t have a TON to say about this one, mostly because sewing it up is an easy breezy dream.  There’s a reason it’s been in print for about SIX yearsHoly crap, I’m wrong: it’s not in print anymore!  AHHHH!  Well it was for at least 5, and that’s like a great grandma pattern in Big 4 years


Back in 2011 when I made my first iteration, I used a rayon/spandex (in Calla Green!) from JoAnn that is a nice weight and has great stretch.  It worked perfectly for the pattern, but like all soft fabrics eventually pilled.  I still have that top, because I love it, even though it looks like crap…perhaps it’s time to make another!


I made that one in a size 10 and it still fits (thanks, spandex!) even though I’m a bit bigger.  When I decided to make this for the 2016 weddings and realized I’d cut the pattern out instead of tracing, so I bought another copy.  It’s so worth it.  I’m totally going to check out my local JoAnn next Simplicity sale to see if there’s a chance in hades that I can pick up a third copy just in case…so I have it in my size forever and ever.  That’s how much this pattern makes my heart sing.


I went to my JoAnn hoping against hope there was another copy of 2369 still chilling in the drawers; no bueno.  It DOES have an “Amazing Fit” replacement, though:  Simplicity 1653


A few notable differences:  this one does not contain a tunic length (that can be adjusted easily enough) or pants, there’s no gathered/banded sleeve option, and there are DARTS in the bust and back.  Ugh, Simplicity, that last change:  YOU RUINED IT.  I still bought it anyway.  LOL

2369’s envelope, for comparison:


We all know the ease is tricky in some of these patterns; sometimes there’s way too much.  Upon envelope examination, I cut a 14 this time around, but was convinced by Nakisha to at least trim down the shoulders and upper bust to a 12.  So glad I listened; love the fit!


For this dress, I used an average polyester/spandex knit in a super lovely print from S. R. Harris.  I actually bought it the one time we visited my SIL in the twin cities and I met up with Nakisha for some lunch (breakfast?) and fabric shopping.  I highly recommend S. R. Harris:  it’s a bit overwhelming, but completely delightful selection-wise.  It’s dreamier than Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, and that’s saying something!


Other than the mix of 12 up top, 14 below (which, I can’t remember if I took the side seams in at all after, but I think not) there were no other fit adjustments to this dress.  Nope, not even an FBA.


Not only is the faux wrap top body flaw masking and super nursing friendly, (I was still pumping for both of these weddings, and the dress worked just fine for that, too!) it’s also the perfect amount of chest coverage.  Not overly conservative, but also no worries about your girls spillin’ or peekin’ out.  For serious.  I also really love the curved back seam which provides a spot on fit.


Hey Simplicity, do you want a passionate spokesperson?  Maybe just for this (out of print) pattern, if nothing else?  I’ll try not to swear too much.




9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Simplicity 2369”

  1. This dress looks awesome on you 👌 I can see why you went to find another. The shape is spot on and love the fabric.

  2. I made a top from the older version of this, and completely love it. Need to make another one, now that I think about it!

  3. I always thought those 2 patterns were basically the same thing. Now I know better! Seriously, I love that fabric-totally something I would buy myself. :)

  4. This pattern is definitely a keeper! I’ve made a few of the top versions of it and absolutely loved them. Your dress is gorgeous!

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