April Ruminations, May Plans

Been a bit of a quiet blogging month, but since I actually set some goals for once, thought it would be nice to follow up!  To recap, here’s what I was hoping to accomplish in April:

  • Sewaholic Minoru
  • 2 Oliver + S Bucket Hats for Cheeks
  • Jalie Cora running tights
  • McCall’s 6873 for Cheeks
  • Simplicity 8291
  • Unblogged plan:  Blue Calla Iris for my mom’s birthday gift

While writing that post, these didn’t seem like THAT much work, but looking at it now:  bahaha…like I was going to get all of that done.

So, how many did I finish?

Three things.  Yeah, that’s all.

I FINISHED MY MINORU!!!  Heck, I finished it the first weekend of April.  I have yet to photograph it, though.  Hope to get that done and a post up soon.

I also got McCall’s 6873 for Cheeks done (took me 6-7 hours; I always forget how long things really take me and was surprised when I actually kept loose track).

Lastly, I made my first Halla Patterns Carefree Dress.  Sometimes a new pretty sneaks its way into the sewing queue when you’re least expecting it.  Hope to post this in May as well.

So, you’ll see that means I didn’t get the bucket hats, Cora, S8291 or handbag for my Ma done.  The couch is just really attractive at the end of the day.  :\

*  **  ***  ****  *****  ****  ***  **  *


There is really a lot I’d like to get done in May, but there’s only so much time, and much of mine will be used readying our house for eventual sale (as we continue looking for a new one).

That said, here’s what I’d ideally like to get done for May…and I can already tell you that something’s gonna have to give.

  1.  Blue Calla:  Iris

Blue Calla Iris

I gifted this to my mom as parts in a ziplock bag; it will be purple faux suede with medium brown vinyl and a quilting cotton lining.  This is a quasi tradition from years of poor craft time management, so she wasn’t surprised at all.  Ha.  I have been pretty good in the last couple of years, though, so it was disappointing to have to give it to her in pieces.  I was able to make good headway on it last week (it’s maybe 1/3 done now?) and am hoping to finish it by May 15th to enter in the Pattern Review Handbag contest.

2. Oliver + S:  Bucket hat

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Adjusting my goal to one; ’cause dude needs at least one.  It’s starting to get bright out there!  We’ll see if he’ll even keep it on his head, though…

And the rest of my plans are related to my exciting June adventure:  PATTERN REVIEW WEEKEND in NYC!!!


After attending last year in Chicago and having so much fun, I just knew I had to go this year again…and I’ll be rooming with the amazing and talented Meigan of Get My Stitch On.  So excited to meet her in person! :D

So, what do I want to make for PR Weekend?  Everything.  Which would be awesome except for that whole there’s-only-so-many-hours-in-the-day thing.  Here are my main priorities:

3.  Travel accessory for PR Weekend Contest

Every PR Weekend there is a sewing contest, and this is the theme this year!  I have known since it was announced what I’d like to make, but will leave it a mystery for now.  :)  Will it even get done?  That’s a mystery, too!  :P

4.  Simplicity 8291


I’m very broken record-like these days.  I’d actually like to finish this for our 3rd anniversary (whoa, already?!) with the bonus of taking it with to PR Weekend the next week.  I’m using a rayon jersey for at least half, though, so not the best choice for travel.  I’ll be doing an elbow length sleeve, using a blue large print floral (with black and white accents) for the black section and solid black for the white section.

Here’s hoping it turns out well!  I love the look of it, but am not sure how flattering it will be on my mum-tum.  I may get the Spanx involved, but am not convinced that they actually help the abdomen look any nicer…

 5.  Sew House Seven: Mississippi Avenue / Simplicity 8231



These are the same pattern.  Well, almost.  I actually bought the indie version and then the Simplicity was released only a couple of weeks later.  D’oh!  I was kinda pissed about that.  That said, I like the silhouette enough that I decided to pick up the Simplicity version as well.  :P

The only differences I see between them line-drawing wise (haven’t compared tissue yet) is that the Simplicity has 1) a cut-on sleeve option, 2) doesn’t include a top length (easy to figure on your own), and 3) seems like it may be elasticized at the natural waist instead of Sew House 7’s original higher empire waistline.

I traced and prepped the pattern (Sew House 7 version) last Summer and never got around to sewing it.  I’m not even sure I’m the same size now as I was last year, but pretty sure I’m dang close.  My first go will probably be a top as a wearable muslin, but I always love me a good dress…

And since my sewing eyes are nearly always bigger than my sewing stomach, I’ll leave it at that.  I would love to also get some Jalie active wear finished (either Cora or Loulouxe), but I ain’ holdin’ my breath.


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