Easter Best

Momentum is a funny thing; sometimes you’re on a roll and then…BAM!  Stopped.  Stuck in the mud.  Or your head.  Or whatever.  I swear I posted a week or two ago last, but it has been almost THREE!  Such a lollygagger.  I haven’t gotten a ton of sewing done in that time, but I still have many garments to photograph and blog from February and March plus some oldies for Throwback Thursday.

That said, life has been a little busy, and I’ll use that as my excuse.  We’re currently looking for a bigger home and readying our own house for sale.  The real estate market here (and many places, per the many nationwide articles I’ve read) is pretty much insane at the moment:  so little inventory, such high prices, very much a seller’s market.  It’ll bode well when it comes time for us to sell our sweet little starter home, but this end is just a tad frustrating.  We’ve been looking since late February and we are persisting because quickly selling our home is very attractive with a toddler around.

Speaking of a toddlers, I managed to make Cheeks some stuff for Easter.  :D  All three pieces are part of McCall’s 6873.



The pattern said an XL was good for kiddos 26-29 pounds and up to 32″ tall.  At his last doc appointment three months ago, Cheeks was in that weight range but already a tad taller.  Since kids grow so fast, I wasn’t sure it would work, but some quick measurements assured me this tiny suit was a GO!



Based on RTW clothing and other patterns I’ve used, he’s got a longer than usual torso and shorter legs.  So, I lengthened both the shirt (view C) and vest (View A) by 1/2″.  The finished vest cuts a little weird at the hip and the shirt becomes easily untucked, so if I were to do it over again I would leave the vest completely as is and lengthen the shirt at least an inch.  The sleeves on the shirt were perfect as is.



I am really pleased with how both the shirt and vest came out.  I did make a couple of boo-boos, but oh well:  I accidentally reversed the stripes in the collar and put the vest chest welt pocket on the right instead of left.  They were pretty straight forward makes, and I love the ingenious fold/buttonhole answer to a cuff on a baby’s button down.  I was seriously dreading the idea of a tiny placket and separate cuff.  WHEW!



I forgot to take photos when the outfit was freshly on, so some of these are a tad wrinkled, but you get the idea!




The pants were a whole ‘nother ball of wax.  Holy balls, Batman.  They are freakin’ huge.  A large instead of an extra large would have definitely been more appropriate and proportionate when compared to the fit of the other two items.  I think the pants turned out fine in the end and definitely help complete the outfit, but they definitely aren’t my favorite part of the look.



I ended up taking 2″ off of the rise of these (which really contributed to the shirt untucking issue) because they seemed so dang high, but really just 1″ off would have been perfect.  The pattern calls for 1/2″ elastic for the waist, but do yourself a favor and go 3/4″ to 1″ instead.




I also adjusted the inseam 2 1/4″ shorter, assuming that the “roll line” was where the pants would eventually end (AKA be the bottom of the cuff).  NOPE.  That would be the “fold line.”  To compensate, I made the cuff slightly smaller.  It worked out, but beware, and you know…read the directions, unlike me.  Such a n00b.



As for fabric, I used a Fabric Mart Sue’s Pick from January for the vest and pants; it’s a Ralph Lauren twill cotton/lycra woven with a bit of a canvas-y texture.  The shirting is nicely smooth and weighty; also from Fabric Mart.  I scored both of these for $3.99 a yard.  YASSSS.



Button-wise, I wasn’t sure what I would use for the vest, and JoAnn didn’t have much that excited me.  I finally decided metal buttons were where it’s at for the vest, and the very plain white Slimline buttons would be just for his shirt.  You know what’s not awesome?  Buying 2 cards of buttons and LOSING ONE OF THEM WITHIN 3 HOURS.  For the love of all that is holy.  I had to go back to freakin’ JoAnn’s again the next day to buy more, and you bet your sweet hiney I bought TWO more cards juuuuust in case.  I sure as hell wasn’t going back A THIRD TIME.



So yeah, there’s a tiny suit.  I intended to make it for him for his first birthday photos (Yeah, that was 9 months ago…time flies!) but ran out of time.  Per usual.  I’m just so glad I was able to make it for him before he completely grew out of the pattern, because I love him in it.  Such a sweet little old toddler man. Just make sure you stay off of his lawn.



19 thoughts on “Easter Best”

  1. Such a super outfit, you did an awesome job on it 😊 He’s so lovely and looks like he’s good at finding eggs too

  2. This is just too adorable!! It looks like a proper gentleman’s suit, only itty bitty! I enjoyed the way you kept track for a bit on IG, it was cool to see how much progress you made in such a short period of time. You did a great job on the whole shebang–I wouldn’t know that the welt should go on the left anyway. ;-) I cannot handle the cuteness of him sitting in that chair at a table either, he looks like a grown-up.

    UGH the housing thing–best of luck to you guys. The market here in our area is nuts too, and we’re super glad not to be trying to sell/buy. I can’t imagine trying to live in your house but also sell it in this kind of market, where showings can happen so fast with such short notice. Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Aw, thanks. :) I feel like he should have a tiny cup of tea and an upturned pinky. Maybe a monocle? He’s getting so big…waaaah! Also, I felt like this took SO LONG when looking at the IG progress shots. Ha.

      If the market stays like it is, we may only have to show our house for 2-3 days before it sells, which is a blessing when you think about keeping things clean, but first we have to find somewhere to move to. It’s a completely opposite market from when I bought in 2010!

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