Throwback Thursday: Cameo Bits and Bobs

It’s Throwback Thursday!  Wheeeeee!  This is really more of a compilation post than a throwback, but all of these projects are at least three months old.  Also:  here’s where the “sometimes” comes into my blog name!  Ha.

So, I bought a Silhouette Cameo sometime around Black Friday in 2015…and then I let it sit in the box for the next three or so months because I was “scared” of it.  Story of my life with every new fun crafty machine (took me so long to crack the coverstitch machine out, too).

I finally got over that and am finally to a place where I have a bunch of fun projects to share…from super frivolous to very practical!

My first project was cut from a file I bought from the Silhouette Design Store; a Valentine’s Day card for my hubby in 2016, from red cardstock and red rose patterned paper.  I forgot to ask him to find it for me until last night (oops), so here’s a stock image from the the Design Store instead.

Be Mine Card

Ten mere days after Valentine’s, my dear cousin gave birth to her first baby.  I wanted to make something fun to welcome them home and ended up creating a “build-a-banner” alphabet from a font I cannot recall the name of (really helpful, right?  I could probably figure it out if anyone is really interested:  let me know) and made this for their home from cardstock.

IMG_6301 IMG_6302

After these boosts of confidence, I decided to try some other mediums.  I made this permanent vinyl (Oracal 651) decal for our front door, to keep people from using the doorbell and waking Cheeks.

13938393_10105582490710747_7973524274872555459_n 13932674_10105582490670827_3376582838366690875_n

And I used the silhouette from a stock photo of my own sewing machine, the Pfaff Performance 5.0, to design this “sewing machine heartbeat” (I’m so creative, right?  Totally being sarcastic:  saw this on Etsy and stole the idea) also from from permanent vinyl for my back car window:

Yes, I drive a Vibe and it often makes me giggle like a 12 year old boy


Our beloved daycare provider’s pup passed away, and I made this for her; I almost thought about not sharing because it feels a little crass to on my crafting blog, but I really like how it turned out, and it is definitely the most challenging design I’ve cut and “weeded” (weeding = removing vinyl from the negative space; I had to cut this like four times before weeding it satisfactorily.)…so here we are.  I later cut a mat so she could have a picture of her fur baby with it.


Since I already had the handy dandy build-a-banner, I used it to make one for Cheeks’ 1st Birthday!  I wanted to just blur his name, but I am kind of a moron and couldn’t figure out how to with any of the photo editing tools I have access to (which is not many).


I also designed this cardstock banner for his month-by-month photos.  I took pretty much zero good photos of these; it was hard with the sun in the background…these are the best I got!


I used the Cameo to cut this “1” out for HTV (heat transfer vinyl:  specifically Siser Easyweed) his first birthday outfit, the B&T Summer Romper.  :D


Rybaski (36)

I also used it for the clock face of the heart for his Tin Man Halloween costume.  Second picture because I can’t help myself



And then…a few HTV (again, using Siser Easyweed) T-shirts for Cheeks.  I used plain white Carter’s onesies I had on hand for these two…



…and I sewed him up a couple of B&T Raglan Tees for Thanksgiving and Christmas


IMG_2522 IMG_2989

For the shirt images, I found (and sometimes slightly altered) photos I liked online and them “traced” them within Silhouette Studio.  There’s so much you can do!  Sky’s the limit, y’all.  The only one I call tell you where I got for sure is the Christmas shirt, which is from this Ottobre Reindeer image.

Speaking of shirts, here’s one I made for my sister after a heated but hilarious autocorrect incident..

No one really “got” this, so I didn’t do my job well.
The message:  “Don’t be a birch”

My latest use of my Cameo?  To draft and cut the pattern for a certain personal item…can you guess what it is?


Stay tuned, if you dare:  there will be more on this!




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