April Plans

Happy April Fools Day!  I met my sweet husband on this day 6 years ago…so glad we met for that blind date.  <3  Happy Date-iversary, honey bunny!

I haven’t done a planning post since February (1 2), so thought it was high time!  The new goal is to post a little something every month, but we’ll see how it goes.

I did way more blogging than sewing in March.  And couch sleeping after Cheeks went to bed…lots of couch sleeping.  Though, I did manage to finally get some work done on the Minoru I had planned to sew up at the February retreat.

IMG_5126 IMG_5128

The hope at this point is to get it done in early April…we’ll see how that goes!  I originally cut it out in February knowing it would be a longer project and in hopes that I’d actually get to wear it this Spring.  Cross your fingers for me!!!

Spring in Wisconsin technically started on March 20th just like everywhere else in the Northern hemisphere, but the weather doesn’t start agreeing with the idea until mid to late April…and then there’s a three to four week span before people start bitching about how hot it is.  Thus my Minoru completion goal.

So, what else for April?  Finishing my coat will definitely eat up quite a bit of time, so I’m not going to be overly optimistic about what else I’ll get done, plus I have some gift plans that I won’t be sharing until they’re done.  :D  Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

Oliver + S Bucket hats

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Cheeks really needs a couple of these by May, so even though they’re boring to sew it’s time to just buckle down and get ’em done.  Or, you know, just buy some.  We’ll see.

Jalie Cora (3462)


The plan is to get my body moving again this Spring.  I have been sedentary all Winter, and I could really use some long walks or slow jogs (because that’s about what I’m capable of…haaaaa…).  Some fun leggings are always good motivation for me.

McCall’s 6873

McCall's 6873

For Cheeks for Easter!  I would really love to use this pattern (I’ve intended to previously)…but I still need to measure the pattern pieces to be sure it will be big enough for him.  GASP.  My baby is growing out of baby/toddler sizes!  I’m not sure which pattern I’ll use if this one doesn’t work.  Anyone have suggestions?

And if there’s time…

Simplicity 8291


I cut this pattern out back in February, but had a really hard time figuring out the fabric I wanted to use.  I think I finally have a combination in mind that will work well.  Now that it’s getting more into Spring and Summer, I’m also contemplating whether I want sleeves or not, but am leaning toward altering the long (3/4? 7/8? it’s not really full length) sleeve into a half sleeve.

So…those are the plans for April, but you never know when some shiny new pattern or fabric will catch the eye and change the mind!



7 thoughts on “April Plans”

  1. Some super plans, the dress will be fab, I love the style lines! The toddler outfit is gorgeous, really hope it fits. Look forward to seeing your jacket too.

  2. Your jacket is looking great so far: I love the color(s)! I hope that baby suit pattern works because how cute is that?!?!? Cheeks needs it. NEEDS. Workout leggings should be on my list too, but who knows if I’ll be able to force myself to make some. Good luck with your Coras: I’m sure they’ll be fab and that you’ll want to show them off all over the great outdoors. ;-)

    And seriously, you are brave. I would never EVER agree to go on a First Date with someone on April 1, let alone a *blind date* lol!!! But I am glad that worked out so well for you guys, hehe!

    1. Thanks! I love my Minoru lining; bought it in Paris on our honeymoon! And yes, I think the tiny suit will work if I can get my ass in gear: only 11 days until Easter! The Coras are kind of becoming a backburner item…oops.

      Ha! He was late, too, and even though he texted to let me know, I still thought “Well, it IS April Fools’ Day…crap..” Obviously he showed. :P

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