More Coppelia

So, I shared the bride’s beautiful Wedding Coppelia with you last week, and now here’s one I made for myself!


This is actually my third Papercut Patterns Coppelia.  The first was a fitting muslin of sorts for myself to be sure that the wedding version would fit my sister in law’s proportions (ensuring that the amount of negative ease I was planning on would translate well:  and it did!)


This cardigan is made from a really lovely honeycomb knit wool from Fabric Mart.  As soon as I saw it on the site, I knew I wanted it for this exact garment.


The fabric is really neat looking, but the long floats in the pattern make it a bit prone to snagging.  I get really, really dry hands in the winter because I’m always forgetting to moisturize (we’re talking sandpaper hands of bloodiness and CRACKS in ye olde fingers) so I had to be really careful while sewing this.


I’m a little mad at myself for not trying my first version on again before making this; wishing now that I had shortened the bodice a bit so it lands closer to my natural waist.  Where it hits now is not optimally flattering.


There are a lot of things to like about this cardigan…but one thing I truly dislike about the pattern is the waist tie.  There are two style options:  this cropped wrapped version and a longer faux-wrap version.  BOTH use the same pattern piece for the waist tie/bottom band, which is really meant to only look nice on the longer version.IMG_4665

As you can see with the cropped version, you cut three of this piece to make it long enough to tie, and in doing so have two silly seams nearly front and center.  It really takes away from the clean look of the rest of the wrap cardigan.


These seams should really be at the side seams instead, but that would have required Papercut to draft three different waist bands/ties (one for the long version, two for the short version). I had intended to make this change on this go (so easy!) but ended up running out of steam while marathon cutting (this was another I made at the retreat).


That said, I’m still happy with it and being a light weight wool I can see myself getting lots of wear out of this in Spring and early Summer.  I sure love me a good cardi.



2 thoughts on “More Coppelia”

  1. It looks fab, the fabric is lovely!! I had the same issue and shortened the pattern but am yet to make more, the seams are very odd and would change those too. It does look lovely on you. My hand go exactly the same, some fabrics really catch on dry skin.

    1. Thank you! Hope your next Coppelia is better shortened. I think 1″ or 1 1/2″ will do it for me. The pattern definitely has some good bones but is also a bit head scratchy in parts!

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