Throwback Thursday: Wedding Wrap Bliss

Welcome to a very special Throwback Thursday!

Today we are celebrating the 6 month anniversary of my sis in law, Liz, and her beloved J.


Last Autumn they were married before their closest loved ones in an idyllic outdoor ceremony, followed by a lively and lovely winery reception the next day.

Big thanks to Dahli of Dahli.Durley Photography for permission to use her beautiful images of the wedding day.  All photos except those with an asterisk (*) are Dahli’s talented handiwork.

Their big day was full of DIY, including the bride’s wrap cardigan and the groom’s tie (by me!).


The Bride wanted a wrap cardigan that hit at her natural waist, was low cut to show off her beautiful wedding gown, and tied in the back.  I scoured the internet (and asked friends) for patterns ideas and considered a few options, including some Burdas, but finally settled on a slightly altered Papercut Patterns Coppelia.


The changes made include:  hemming the sleeves (instead of using sleeve cuffs) and bottom edge (she wasn’t a fan of the waistband) and shortening the whole bodice a couple of inches.  I also lowered the center front a good 2 (or was it 3?) inches.  Really not a lot of change, but it translates into a much more polished look.


Liz’s original inspiration was an angora wrap cardigan she spotted on Etsy; she wanted something wool-ish in a wine or mustard color.  It was Summer at the time, and I pored over my usual fabric sources, but didn’t find much since we weren’t quite in wool season.  I even considered purchasing some ivory sweater knit and dyeing it (eep!).  But then the clouds parted and I found some real contenders at Mood; a few swatches later, and the lovely wool/angora blend you see won the day.







I’m really mostly happy with how it turned out; it fits her well.  I’m just a little disappointed that the neckline did not end up as open as much as I had thought it would (to show off her dress), especially since the neckline was lowered so dramatically in the pattern stage.





This is probably the truest color representation. *

I even cracked my Silhouette Cameo out to make this special tag.


The Groom knew that I was whipping up a special bridal accessory but didn’t know what, as is the typical custom.  To go with the wrap cardigan, I made him a satin tie using Simplicity 8180.


So, I can hear what you’re thinking:  you bought a pattern to make a tie?  While I get that they are a pretty simple accessory, and I’m sure there are about a million tie drafting tutorials on the internet, this was my first shot at making one and it was for their wedding.  And so:  I wasn’t going to fuck around with drafting my own pattern.


While I’d like to say the tie is matching, I had a helluva time finding a satin that truly matched the fuzzy delightful hue of the wrap sweater.  And I knew that ordering swatch after swatch online would not be a viable option to get a really good match, so I hit my local JoAnn Fabrics.  After searching the aisles for way too long and starting to get a little anxiety sweat over finding something that would look good, found this Casa Collection satin in a limited edition Autumn 2016 colorway that I cannot recall the name of.  Maybe it was sangria?





I wouldn’t have thought it, but sewing a tie is actually a bit technically difficult.  They’re cut on the bias, so I dealt with a bit of stretch out and prayed that the end result would look OK.  In the end, they look pretty good together.  Complementary at least, if not matching.



And now, to leave you with a some shots of their nuptials…




May your love continue to grow as you journey through the joys and challenges of life. Here’s to your bond as a couple, your search for a new home, and to the eventual expansion of your family. Love from us to you through it all.


Happy half anniversary, lovebirds!



6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Wedding Wrap Bliss”

  1. Such beautiful photos and words, the day looked so special. I’m sure they have many happy years to come. Well done on the tie making, I’ve heard they are tricking and the wrap is gorgeous.

  2. You are so creative and your expertise in getting just the right fit on the wrap is amazing! The bride knows what looks good on her. What a nice accessory to personalize the bridal outfit. I have never seen a wrap like that. The silhouette of the wrap works especially well with the shape and fabric of the skirt portion of the dress. They just go together. The grooms tie color is a great find. Glad Joann’s happened to have a color and type of fabric that worked for the tie. Very nice work!

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