Big News!

You guys!  I have news.  I vaguely alluded to said news previously…but here it is…

Woohoo!  So stoked.


I have been a huge Fabric Mart fan girl for years now, so this is pretty exciting.

My first post is up today
:  I made Patterns For Pirates Cpt. Comfort Jeans for Cheeks and Jalie Eleonores for myself.


Yes, pants, folks.  One of my “scared to sew” categories.  And as it turned out, my sewing went awry…take a visit over to Fabric Mart’s blog to laugh and cry (grimace?) over my sewing celebration and self flagellation.


Also, you may have noticed that something else changed:  the look of my blog!  I’d been getting a little tired of the old look and had been looking at new themes off and on for a while before I stumbled upon this one.  Hope you enjoy my fresh new look!

8 thoughts on “Big News!”

  1. This is so cool! I saw your FM post in my reader (I follow FM) and was thrilled to see that they have you on board–you are a great ambassador for their fabrics and making a wearable wardrobe with them. And like I said on IG, I love both pairs of pants that you made, even though yours turned out a bit “skinnier” than you’d prefer. ;-)

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