Drop Pocket Revival

Hey there!  Hope you’re doin’ well and aren’t don’t have a case of the Mondays.  I’m still working on photographing and sharing everything I made at The Retreat in February, and will also be sharing some Thowback Thursday makes.  There’s also something secret and bloggy that I’m pretty excited about coming your way this Saturday!

I shared the Jalie tunic I made last week, and now here’s one of the cardigans I whipped up!  This is Jalie 3248, the Drop Pocket Cardigan, which I’ve previously made (poorly)



Speaking of Jalie, they are just about to release their first new patterns in over a year!  NAYY.  There’s some thing for everyone, but I can definitely see myself picking up the Nico men’s raglan (for Mr. 5 and Cheeks) and really love the new Loulouxe skort with phone pocket.  My pale ass could probably use the Valerie rashguard, but I don’t know that I’d get my money’s worth.  How many rashguards does one person who rarely goes swimming need?!


Anyway, back to this cardigan.  I used a really lovely periwinkly-iris wool lycra from Fabric Mart.  One of those wools that’s not quite opaque enough to stand on its own, so it’s pretty perfect as a topper.


Speaking of wool knits, I have been hoarding them.  Though, I could just say that about knits in general.  BUT, we are getting to the end of winter and I have so many lovely wools left.  Why did I not make more delicious wool things?!!!  Perhaps next year.  The winter is long, folks…


This cardigan actually turned out pretty well; it’s symmetrical, unlike the last one!  Ha.  Though, you can’t really tell that from some of these photos.  Swear to high heaven it’s just how I’m wearing it. I SWEAR.


And that’s all she wrote.  Sometimes you write an ever loving book, sometimes you don’t have much to say.  This is a great basic with ingenious construction, and I’m glad to have another in my closet!



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