Throwback Thursday: Vogue Tops

Before I begin, I’m just a wee bit excited to share that I was featured as the “Member in Focus” on Pattern Review’s blog yesterday; such a great honor!  I love the PR community and really treasure it as my online sewing home.

Also, this happens to be my 200th blog post!  Wheee!

I’ve recently been culling my photo collection, mostly brought on by the fact that I seem to take 500+ every month now that I am a Mamarazzi (get it?  Paparazzi?) and in doing so, found a ton of past project photos that just never made it to the blog!

I may not be able to share a lot about pattern or fit with some of them, but thought it would be fun to share regardless.   First up:

Pattern:  Vogue 8962
Completed:  Not sure exactly, but it was photographed November 2014.


So, this pattern is OOP now, and McCall’s JUST finished up an OOP sale.  At the end of this post, you might be thinking:  “Shit, I really like this, but I’m not paying $25 for this pattern.  Why are you doing this to me?!”  Well, I guess you’re gonna have to keep thinking that, ’cause I swore up and down that it was re-released as a See & Sew (Butterick), but cannot find it for the life of me.  Which likely means it does not exist…sorrrrry.


So, I made two of these out of not super stretch but not super stable knits.  One with cowl and one without.  I have worn the ever loving shit out of the striped cowl version, which is a blatant rip off of the pattern envelope (hullo, that engineered stripe placement is fab!).


I picked the striped fabric up from Spandex World in NYC the last time I was there, which was November 2013.  You can see  more about that trip went and the fabrics I brought home here.


The sparkly ivory version?  I believe I probably picked the fabric up at Fabric Mart and it’s possible I only wore it for the photos.  Maaaaybe once or twice more.  I actually can’t recall ever wearing it in the two to three years since these were finished!  It’s just a bit too altar-boy-chic for my tastes.  A pattern and fabric pairing oops, if you will…


I couldn’t tell you for sure what size I made, but I’m guessing it was a 10-12, and they still fit (though a tad tighter than they used to be).  My bust then was about 37″ and it’s 38″ish inches now.


The great thing about these tops is they aren’t a super long tunic length, but with the hi-lo hem, they definitely cover your ass in case of leggings.  Because leggings aren’t pants, ladies.


I vaguely recall a couple of things about this pattern:  I did not do a full bust adjustment (FBA), and I made a couple of minor construction changes.  I cut two of the back yoke for each so I could “burrito” the lower seam for a cleaner finish, and I used a binding to finish the scoop neckline instead of the directed turn/stitch neckline finish, which really never ends well in my experience.


I really need to make another one of the cowl versions for Spring (or next Fall); this pattern is simple but innovative and I reach for the one I’ve made over and over again.  Frankly, it’s been washed enough that it’s starting to get a little sad.  Not quite pilling, but definitely not as lovely as it was new.  It’s wearin’ out!


So there it is!  Finished in November-ish 2014 and finally shared today.

See ya next Throwback Thursday with McCall’s 6844!


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