Birthday Dress 2017!

OK, so I turned thirty *mumbles second number* four weeks ago, but I never got around to getting photos of my birthday dress!  Vogue 8904:

Vogue 8904
Gah.  So bright.  But yay, sun!

It’s a little different from what I’ve gravitated toward in the past, but I’m way more practical in general with my sewing these days, since my time is more limited.  Definitely substance over frills over here now.

Here’s a little review of past birthday frocks (sans the last two years:  I was pregnant and useless in 2015 and had a baby that wasn’t sleeping through the night in 2016):

Vogue 8972 E

Burda 12/2011 #107

This one is a knit, unlike these sweet woven silk frocks.  But, I don’t love this one any less.  In fact, I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out.  It’s chic and I will wear it again.  Hell, I have already worn it again.

Vogue 8904

I used a rayon/spandex jersey I randomly picked up from JoAnn a year or two back, and the slightly uneven stripe works really great in this dress.  No need to exactly match up the stripes as would feel necessary in a really solid stripe.

Vogue 8904
Vogue 8904

Also, I miraculously only had about 1/8 yard left when I was done cutting.  Can you say destiny?  MEANT TO BE.

Vogue 8904

As the base for the dress, I used a random black jersey I had in my stash. I can’t for the life of me remember the fiber content, but it’s fairly substantial and has great stretch and recovery, which makes it a great choice.  However, it’s also slightly brushed, which makes it grab onto my leggings and sometimes also to the rayon tiles, which actually makes it into more of a questionable choice.  Oops.  It’s done now!  Ha.  Something to roll around yer noggin, though.

Vogue 8904

There’s a bit of pooling in the lower back, but how do you do a swayback on a dress with overlays like this?  Methinks you probably just decide not to give a shit about it.

Vogue 8904

The dress went together really easily; it really helps that none of the edges are finished (and thankfully the edges didn’t curl up on me until after I washed it for the first time!).

Vogue 8904 Vogue 8904

I measure into a 16 in Vogue but had purchased the pattern range ending at 14 and I think it fits great.  So:  size one down on this puppy!

Vogue 8904

The only thing I changed was the sleeve, which was quite wide at the lower edge; it was so loose that it didn’t really jibe with the overall coy feeling of the rest of the dress.  I ended up taking it in 7/8″ on both sides at the sleeve hem (meaning 1 3/4″ overall), and drew a straight line truing to the underarm.

Vogue 8904

The one thing that went a little wonky was sewing up the side seams:  my serger differential was not set high enough and they got a little stretched out.  :\ Poop.  It’s OK, though.  You can see vestiges of the issue here…

Vogue 8904

I love how the multiple layers really help smooth out all of the lumps and bumps; I can totally see myself making a sleeveless one for Summer (but definitely with lighter fabrics!  This version would be too sweaty come July, even sans sleeves).

Vogue 8904

As for my birthday itself, it was pretty great:  lunch at DLux with my sister and cousin, dinner with my boys at Panera (I was still full from the bigass burger I had at lunch!) , and got to hit a local music venue and see Sara Watkins (with opener Liz Longley, who was fantastic!) play. Plus, Mr. 5 got me this cake.  :D

Vogue 8904
No toddlers were harmed in the celebration of this birthday

This dress was definitely the right cherry for my birthday sundae.  :)

Vogue 8904


15 thoughts on “Birthday Dress 2017!”

  1. Super birthday dress that can be worn any day, it looks great on you and definitely don’t worry about the sway back (ps I have no idea how to SWA for a dress like this??)

    1. Thanks! Someone on Pattern Review posted a link to another review with a successful swayback; the upper part of the second panel in the back is basically scooped out a bit. Definitely something you’d have to adjust with the dress on the body, though. I probably won’t bother if I make another and just embrace the back wrinkles.

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