Robe of Infinite Cuteness

We keep our house pretty cold in the Winter, because we’re cheap asses.  Around 65 while we’re awake, and 59 while we’re sleeping.  But at times 65 still feels chilly, and poor Cheeks’s hands get pretty cold sometimes.  We had been putting sweatshirts on him…

Then I saw Simplicity 8224 and it was decided:  he needs a robe.

Simplicity 8224

I think that we can all agree that animal ears automatically make baby and toddler clothes cuter.  Yes?  YES!

Simplicity 8224

There’s really not a whole lot to say about this one.  Guess I figured out a few things to say.  HA!

Simplicity 8224

Simplicity 8224

He measured into a size 1 (the pattern runs 1/2 (weird, right?) to 4), but I made him a 2 so he’d have some room to grow….but he still doesn’t seem to have a TON of extra room or length.  So, maybe size up on this puppy?

Simplicity 8224 Simplicity 8224

It’s a bit long for now, but not so much that it impedes walkin’, and I had to hem the sleeves about 3 inches instead of the pre-prescribed 1 1/4″, but that’s the easiest of peasiest adjustments.  As he grows, I’ll rip and re-stitch to lengthen the sleeves.

Simplicity 8224

I used a super amazingly soft double sided, luxuriously napped poly fleece that I bought from my favorite online fabric source:  FabricMart.  And because I like to enable, this exact fabric is ON SALE FOR ONLY $3.00 A YARD RIGHT NOW.  Or, if red isn’t your thing, just search for “furry fleece” to see the other hues available.  This fabric would make a delectable robe for any sized person:  not just the wee ones.  NAYY; I just get excited about delicious fabrics at great prices.

Simplicity 8224
Simplicity 8224
Action shots!!!

That said, fleece is a cuddly, awesome thing, but a superbly annoying beast to cut and mark.   I suspected it would be like this; this problem is definitely not specific to this particular fabric or to even this particular fleece.  Also, it looked like Elmo had exploded when I was done cutting.

Simplicity 8224 Simplicity 8224
So, uh…what’s going on here?

This pattern has darts (at first I was like “Whyyyy?” but I see why…still, meh) and a few small pieces, like the ears, that were a tad difficult to deal with because of the bulk of the nap, but I just muddled through and didn’t worry:  he’s just going to be wearing this at home.

Simplicity 8224
He’s blowing his nose without a tissue…and dear God, he won’t stop.

Speaking of ears, the pattern illustration shows the ear pleat one way, but the pattern directs you to sew it the other way.  I liked how the former looked better and just went that direction.

Simplicity 8224 Simplicity 8224

The pattern also directed to fold the raw edge under and then along the front and hem.  Since this fabric is so fiddly to be precise with and bulky, I just serged along the edge and then stitched down.

Simplicity 8224 Simplicity 8224

One thing that didn’t work out terribly well was the center seam of the hood; I didn’t test my serger differential, as I typically do with a scrap before starting on a project, and it ended up getting a tad stretched out.  Oh effin’ well.

Simplicity 8224 Simplicity 8224

All in all, a pretty easy pattern and a cute as hell outcome.  He pretty much looks like an adorable Sith lord, too:  just needs a light saber.  Plus, who would suspect this guy had joined The Dark Side?

Simplicity 8224

* * * * *

PR UFO Contest update:  Since January 4th I’ve spent pretty much ALL of my free time sewing quilt blocks.  When I picked the quilt back up, it was taking me about half an hour to sew each block; I think I’ve cut that down to 20 or so minutes now.  I had 64 of my 99 blocks done, and now I only have 4 (FOUR!!!) left before I can true and start sew my blocks together!

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get this sucker done in time!


11 thoughts on “Robe of Infinite Cuteness”

  1. 4 blocks!?! You’re a master!

    He is SOOOOOO cute! He would definitely rule because of the element of surprise. Those sweet chubby cheeks make you not suspect a thing :-p

    Nice work on the robe. It looks so soft and cuddly.

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