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Goodbye 2016, Hallo 2017

Well, here we are friends…it’s 2017 already!  I’m starting to see what people mean by the years starting to race by.  The challenges from day to day with our wee lad sometimes make days go slowly, but damn did this year fly.

Speaking of Cheeks, this was definitely his year on Mama’s blog.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Brindille & Twig Snap Hoodie

Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper

Simplicity 4024

And speaking of blogging, I made WAY MORE stuff in 2016 than I got around to writing about…especially garments for myself. Will I go back and actually photograph and blog some of those things?  I hope so.  Shit, I bought a tripod and iPhone holder for it so I could do just that on my own (I’m always feeling guilty about asking for help taking photos, even though Mr. 5 is my best stylist and photographer <3).

And now let’s talk about goals and crap.  I am generally not a huge goal setter, but I’m starting to see their value.

How I did on my 2016 goals:

Fabric Fast 2016:  Ha.  Haha.  HAHAHAH  LMAO OMG…let me catch my breath. I can’t even. I am a weak human being.

Blogging:  I had hoped to get up to 200 blog posts by the end of 2016, which was entirely possible when I dreamed that dream, especially with all of my unblogged makes, but I lost gumption.  I like to blog, but I like to sew more.  #priorities (If you were wondering, this is blog post #188).

Goals for 2017:

  1.  Sew pants.  ‘Cause my fear of crotch curves is getting ridonkulous at this point.  I’m gonna go ahead and throw in the caveat that I must make a woven pair (’cause you know otherwise I’ll wuss out and just go knit).
  2. Make a G DARN COAT.  I have at least three coating appropriate fabrics in stash, and two very exciting coat patterns; one for Spring/Autumn and the other for Winter.
  3. Sew for the next season.  Because you know you get that damn flirty dress done in September and you can only wear it once.  Not that I’ll probably be making a flirty dress*.  Mama is practical these days.  I’m sewing for Winter through the end of January, but plan to sew for Spring in February and March, Summer from April to June, Fall and Winter starting in July.  Or something like that.
  4. Blog more.  Gonna shoot for the moon and try getting to a total of 250 posts in 2017.  Can she do it?  Eh, maybe.  What will happen if she doesn’t?  Not a damn thing!!!

So, not a ton of goals, but I’d rather keep it (semi) reasonable for now.  I have some other things in my pocket I could tackle if I get bored mid year.

*OK, except for right now.  It’s birthday month, people!  Do you have any suggestions for a dress pattern with this fabric?  I have 3-4 yards, it’s a lace on knit with about 20% cross-wise stretch (no vertical stretch) and the lace is vertical, not horizontal (ordered it online so I didn’t catch that!).


So, what’s up for the short term?

Blogging:  Gonna share some Christmas makes!
Sewing:  I’m participating in the Pattern Review UFO contest with the Christmas quilt I started in 2012 and whipping up a birthday dress!

Happy New Year, all!  May your 2017 be all you’re hoping.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016, Hallo 2017”

  1. Selfishly hoping you do well on the “Blog More!” goal, because I would like that. =) Your fabric stash goal reaction is so real, and I was in a similarly weak, leaky boat in 2016. *sigh*

    The birthday fabric is fabulous! I think a princess-seamed knit sheath or paneled/angular seamed type of dress could be nice to play up the vertical orientation of the lace motif, assuming that the lace will stretch crosswise like the knit under it. It would just be a total nightmare to match lace…no biggie. ;-) I can’t wait to see what you do with it though, because HELL YES to frivolous and fancy birthday outfits!

    1. Aw, thanks. Gonna try! The blogging is just always so So SO ebb and flow; you know how it is! I’m definitely thinking of playing with the stripe. I better get on my sewing: only 10 days to go now!

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