Fall Plans

Thanks for your sweet words on Cheeks’s first birthday.  :)

I have some finished makes waiting in the wings for photos, but while I work on getting the time and gumption to take them, I thought it would be prudent to post an update to my Summer plan progress, fabric fasting pledge and share some of the new things I plan to make!

Review and update of my Summer Plans:

– Dresses for June WeddingsAchieved-ish.  I couldn’t get my ass in gear for the first wedding and wore a RTW Lands’ End dress.  For the second wedding I did complete a dress and it was one I considered in my planning post!  To be blogged.

Amazingly cheesy 4th of July outfits for our little familyACHIEVED!

Cheeseball 4th of July outfits
– More Summer sleep sacks for Mr. Cheeks:  ACHIEVED!  May or may not blog, ’cause:  boring.

– Outfit for Cheeks’ 1 year (!!!) photos:  Failed.  He wore some cute RTW stuff instead for photos, as well as his birthday outfit.  HOWEVER, I did end up making myself a new dress for our family photos:  To be blogged.

– Outfit for Cheeks’ birthday (!!!!!):  ACHIEVED!  To be blogged.

* * * * *

Fabric fast update:  I have bought fabric, but within the parameters of my pledge.  I accidentally ruined my last bit of fabric for Cheeks’ birthday outfit (Gah! :()and had to order more to replace it.  The other fabric I bought is for an upcoming project I plan to complete ASAP (See #6 below).

Fabric Mart has some really lovely looking viscose/nylon/lycra 4 way stretch black ponte that I have been salivating over.  Why do I torture myself by looking?  It’s a great basic and I really want to give in and buy some, since I haven’t seen that content mix in black there pretty much ever, but I’m doing my best to stick to my pledge.  Anyone want to buy me a fabric gift?  :P  LOL bad.

* * * * *

Fall Plans

My Autumn sewing plans are mostly about love, centering on my sister-in-law E’s upcoming nuptials, but I also have a tad of Cheeks and utilitarian sewing thrown in.

As you’re about to see, the number of things on my plate that have to be done by mid September look a bit daunting, but I am moderately(ish) confident I can get them done!

  1.  Mystery project for the Bride:  I won’t be blogging this one until after their late September wedding, but am excited that all of the materials have finally arrived.
  2. Tie for the Groom: to match #1.  Easy peasy, right?  I hope so!
  3. Dress for E&J’s wedding ceremony:  I am between two options…we’ll see which one wins in the end!

    Option A:  By Hand London Anna in navy washed silk


    Option B:  Vogue 1447 in pale green silk dupioni with yet to be determined lace


  4. Matching plaid shirt for Mr. 5 and dress for me for E&J’s wedding reception:  The ceremony and reception are different days, thus the different outfits.  I wouldn’t change mid-day, that’s for sure!  That would be a weird diva move at a wedding that’s not your own.
    I snagged a nice blue/multi Ralph Lauren cotton plaid (The bride and groom are requesting all guests to wear plaid. Fun!) from FabricMart mere days before my no-more-fabric pledge.

    For Mr. 5:  McCall’s 6044


    For me:  the Burda I’ve been lusting after forever (08-2014-116), as a carry over from my Summer Plan options

    Burda 08/2014 #116

  5. Stuffie:  for Cheeks’ birthday.  Yeah, I’m behind.  But he’s 1 and doesn’t know the difference.  The lovely folks of Instagram and Facebook overwhelmingly voted shark, based on this photo.


    Will I concur?  You’ll see!

  6. Cloth pads:  Maybe a little TMI, but whatever.  That’s how I roll.  This is the other fabric I mentioned buying:  I needed some Taslan nylon for the bottom (for leak resistance) and diaper flannel for the innards.

    I have some great cloth pads from Party In My Pants, that I tried and love per the recommendation of a close friend, but couldn’t stomach spending another $90 for six of them (vs. the $11 I spent on the fabrics, plus I will use some stash fabric).  Now that I have my snap press (the annoying part before) I’m goin’ for it!  Construction is simple; hopefully the fabrics I’ve chosen work well.  That’s the real trade secret of their cloth pads.

So, yeah.  WHEW. Ready…set…GO!


3 thoughts on “Fall Plans”

  1. Party in my Pants…what a hilarious name for a cloth pad company! Too funny. I know you can use PUL for waterproofing. (not sure what PUL stands for but you can search for it)

    1. So, that was my first thought, but the FAQ on PIMP’s (yes, that’s the acronym they use for themselves! Hehe!) site talks about how they use microporous nylon (AKA the taslan nylon) that breathes instead of PUL that doesn’t breathe.

      So, if these are horribly non-functional (LOL I’m scared), I’ll give PUL a try.

  2. You have all the fall plans!!!! So much fun stuff planned. I, for one, cannot wait to see baby’s stuffie. And the Vogue dress. And the Burda dress. And Mr. 5’s shirt.

    oh hell…I just love reading about sewing plans! :-p

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