Drop Pocket Oopsie

Thanks for the love on my Wren!  Can’t wait to make more.  I mentioned that I had a bit of an oops with Wren’s accompaniment, which is Jalie 3248 (AKA Drop Pocket Cardigan)

Jalie 3248

See what happened there? If you can’t see it, I don’t know what to tell you.  Maybe get your eyes checked?  Let me make it more painfully clear what’s going on here.

Jalie 3248

Yes, the one side is a few inches longer than the other, and no amount of tugging on the shorter side rectifies the situation.  I didn’t actually realize that it look liked this until Mr. 5 told me while taking these photos…

Jalie 3248 Jalie 3248

He kept commenting on how awful it looked, and I told him I was going to blog it anyway (and I’ve also worn it a few times in this sad state).  Fails happen.

Jalie 3248

And thus begins our cautionary tale.  Why did this happen?  I have a two theories, and both of them are fabric related and/or having to do with dumbassness on my part.  They definitely had nothing to do with the pattern (which I absolutely adore and plan to use again and again.  I even love it more than my Jalie 2919 cardigan!)

Jalie 3248

Theory 1:  The fabric shrunk weirdly

I always wash and dry my fabric at least once (sometimes twice with cotton).  This was a thin rayon/lycra sweater knit I picked up at Fabric Mart during their big Halston sale in February.

Rayon has a way of contorting weirdly at times, but usually I don’t have trouble with rayon jerseys in general.  Rayon sweater knits are a beast I don’t have a lot of experience with, though.  So, it’s possible that through laundering that the fabric stretched or shrunk or through drying (I hang to dry after the initial washing) I hung it in a way that stretched out the one side.

I’m leaning toward this being the problem, based on the fact that the cardigan was give or take symmetrical at PR weekend (where I met Emilie of Jalie fame in person!  So cool!), prior to its first washing as a finished garment.

Colette Wren and Jalie 3248

Theory 2:  My shitty cutting practices

I cut everything I make flat using pattern weights on a giant rotary mat with a rotary cutter.  I’ve found this is really the best way for knits, and just feels more accurate overall with ANY type of fabric.  I pinned and used Gingher sheers for years before switching over, and you know how things can shift.

Well, I’m sometimes a bit lazy about the way I cut.  I often skip ironing (and this fabric really did need it…) and just smooth out any wrinkles.  It’s possible that I didn’t get things smoothed out enough and then literally accidentally cut one side longer than the other.

Each side of the front is cut twice (it’s basically lined in the front), and I sewed each of the double layers cut together.  If I had swapped the fronts so I was cutting one of each double cut I’d made, I could have maybe prevented what happened.  You know, if this theory is the correct one.  Lord, that’s confusing.  Hope you’re catching my simple-concept-but-hard-to-explain drift.

Jalie 3248

Anywho, this particular cardigan is fucked.  Could I fix it?  Probably.  Will I?  Ha.  Haha.  HAHAHAHHAHA.  I’m funny.

Oh well.  Fails happen.  And like I said, this pattern is awwwwesome and I will make more.

Jalie 3248

As for general pattern notes:  despite Jalie’s clear directions, there was a bit of thinking and staring at fabric involved to get the drop pocket part put together, but now that I’ve done it once, I’ll be able to do it over and over again easily.  The rest of the cardi went together smooth as buttah.

Jalie 3248

I love how ingeniously the front of the cardi is constructed.  It’s one of my favorite things about Jalie:  the well explained, genius tricks that are often used in their garments.  My other favorites:  their amazing fit and gigantic size range.  If I could only sew ONE indie pattern company, it would be Jalie.  And that’s saying something.

* * * * *

A little sneak peek at what’s next:  a nice little accessory for an adorable ham, I mean baby.  Though, it’s possible there may be an unrelated post in between. :)

Jalie 3248



9 thoughts on “Drop Pocket Oopsie”

  1. You have your man well trained to notice things like that. The expression on your face is priceless. Huge bummer about the oopsie. I am completely with you on the awesomeness that is Jalie. They are my favorite hands down!!!

    1. I didn’t really train him, he just has an eye for things! He’s always smoothing my clothes out mid-photoshoot and telling me not to move so they stay nice looking. Ha!

  2. Your cardigan is lovely (despite the wonkiness) the colour is lush and the pattern looks like it’s a keeper, it’s nice to see others make oopsies too. I’m reasonably new to sewing (18m) and haven’t tried Jalie yet although I keep sewing great things come up, think I will go and browse their site. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you. :) I’ve been sewing about 10 times longer than you, so as you can see, the f*ck ups keep coming throughout this sewing journey we call life! At least if you’re me they keep happening…hehe. ;)

      But Jalie is seriously great, and if you have little people in your life, most (all?) of their patterns go down to a 2T!

  3. The color is gorgeous! It goes so well with your dress, and you look wonderful.
    I bet you will fix her up and wear it.

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